The Core of The Game Console -PCBA

You may have a lot of concerns about choosing a console or electronic toy supplier. A part of the concern is that the supplier will be able to guarantee the life and functionality of the product in order to ensure that the goods sold will not have too much after sales problems? In the daily life, you may know the PCBA(commonly known as circuit board).It’s because we use of it in all electronic products in our daily life. But, do you know PCB?Do you know which department implemented the transformation for them? Do you know the importance of PCBA? We’re going to tell you about it in order to provide you with a good reference to choose reliable game consoles or even other electronic toy products suppliers, so as to make the best choice.

A PCB is a printed circuit board, an important electronic component and empty board without any function. However, PCBA is a production process composed of blank PCB through SMT process, and it is a circuit board with functions. The SMT department, like an illustrator, paints the PCB and becomes the PCBA, realizing the transformation between the PCB and PCBA.SMT department pasted electronic small parts on PCB blank board through printing machine, SMT machine and other machines and after a series of operations such as back-furnace welding, the PCB is transformed into a functional circuit board to realize the function of the product.

The temperature in SMT department control in 23 °C to 27 °C, humidity control in 40 °C to 70 °C. All person must wear electrostatic clothes and shoes and put on the electrostatic cap and then go through the air shower when entering the workshop. The workshop should Keep ventilated and dust-free to ensure the precision and quality of products. Like the mini game console, Nintendo retro handheld game console and other electronic game console products, their specification requirements for circuit boards are relatively strict, so they have relatively high requirements for SMT technology and process.

Like this mini retro arcade, its PCBA is produced by a fully automatic machine, and its production process is:

1.Dry PCB board or other electronic parts and materials.

2.Pour the paste into a blender and stir.

3.Put PCB into the board loader.

4.Printing solder paste on PCB board with automatic solder paste machine.

5.Placement machine prints precision electronic objects (e.g. resistors, capacitors).

6.LQC check the SMT parts of PCB board.

7.Solder PCB in reflow furnace to fixing part with high temperature.

8.AOI detection area to detect patch conditions.

9.Unqualified products shall be repaired in the maintenance area.

10.Fix CPU crystal on solid crystal machine.

11.Put it into the bond machine (connect the core wire of CPU and PCB to give function).

12.Seal the vinyl for fixing the crystals.

13.Enter the oven to dry PCBA.

14.QC testing.

15.Packaging qualified finished products.

If you are lucky to participate in this process, you will find how important SMT technology is to the game console product. It also can know from which parts the main functions of most video game products come.

Then the importance of PCBA lies in:Poor quality PCBA will shorten the service life of the product in the first place. In addition, when we play the game, the volume will be very big, very noisy, the screen will be very blurred, and there may be abnormal flash screen, the worst thing is it freezes in the middle of the game. These phenomena can’t let us enjoy the pleasure and joy of free play, can’t bring us happy experience and the charm of the game. On the contrary, games with good PCBA will give you a better experience.

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