The Influence of High Quality Plastic Shell on Children’s Electronic toys

In the children’s toy market, those children’s electronic toy products with cute and charming appearance and bright surface not only attract people’s attention quickly, but also are easy to be loved by everyone.In fact, people like children’s electronic toy products, not only their appearance, function, and product quality and service life.The quality of children’s electronic toy products is not only affected by the internal electronic components, but also reflected in the product shell. Because of the high quality and strong plastic shell, it is like adding an extra fim of protection to the product. It can protect the electronic components in the product from the destruction of external factors, thus extending the service life of the product, and bring a good use experience to consumers. Therefore, in the purchase of children’s electronic toy products, we can not ignore the product shell quality of an important factor.

Now on the market, the shell of most children’s electronic toys is made of plastic, and the plastic material that is widely used at present is ABS resin, PVC, PP, POM, PMMA and so on.Because they are chemically stable, with good transparency, insulation, wear resistance and impact resistance.These characteristics are more conducive to the molding and processing of products, and safe environmental protection. When making products that are all in one piece (e.g, conjoined containers), PP (polypropylene) is preferred. Mainly because of its strong toughness, according to the shape of the product can be bent; And the heat resistance is good, the texture is relatively soft, the surface has a unique luster and easy to process presents a bright color.The shells and buttons of some game consoles, such as mini bartop arcades and Nintendo’s GB and Switch, are generally made of ABS resin.The main reason is that this material is 3-5 times harder than the general plastic, has good dielectric performance, can present a good processing, can ensure the maximum degree of product surface smoothness in production, and meet customers’ customized needs.

However, does this plastic material turn into a beautiful shell for children’s electronic toys? We’ll take a model of the plastic shell of a game console and see how it works. Generally ,a strong qualified children’s electronics manufacturer will have a special production shell injection molding department, this department has different types of injection molding machine, through these injection molding machine plastic material injection into different shapes of shell. Injection molding machine has three kinds: large, medium and small injection molding machine. For example, the shell and operation buttons of the game console are made of ABS plastic and produced by medium and small injection molding machines.

Production process of the shell of the game console:

1.The QA department sends samples and production operation instructions confirmed by the customer.
2. Mix and mash the inspected ABS resin materials according to the customer’s requirements.
3. Insert the shell mold of the game machine into the medium-sized injection molding machine.
4. Pour the plastic material into the injection molding machine to start production.
5. The injection molding machine starts to melt the ABS resin material at high temperature and make the shell model.
6. After the shell is formed, cool it for 3-5 minutes, then trim off some leftover material.
7.IPQC will check the shell made of the game console.
8. If there is no problem with the casing, it will be sent to the assembly department. If there are scratches, it will be reworked.

There are a number of factors to consider in the production of a game console shell, in addition to the details that need to be noted in the production of the shell. First of all, its raw material ABS resin to carry out a strict incoming inspection, from the source to control the quality of the product. Because some manufacturers will control the cost and purchase some used ABS plastic to manufacture, the shell of the game console will be very thin, the color will be very dull, the product is prone to aging. In addition, when mixing the color of the shell, must be according to the color on the international color card to allocate, the production of the shell will not appear obvious color difference, affect the beauty of the product; Moreover, injection molding machine, at the beginning of the production machine shell need to check the whole situation of injection molding machine, the machine’s mould have properly embedded in the card slot, made console shell need after cold water cooling, can better keep the shape of a shell, at the same time need to cut off and smooth made console shell leftover material, to ensure that the console shell smooth; Finally, IPQC needs to conduct a patrol inspection every 2 hours. When there are scratches and different products in different shapes, they need to be picked out for rework. In this production, we are in the production of strict control, this is not only abide by the provisions of the factory, is produced in the test case is durable, thus ensuring the quality of the whole product, let our buyers can have a very good trust about our products, also to end consumers have a good shopping here.

After understanding the production process of the game console shell, we can generally understand that the shell of a product has an important impact on the quality of the product. Next, when we purchase electronic toy products, we can test whether the shell of a product is strong and durable according to the following three factors to judge the quality of the product.

(1) Purchase of children’s electronic toy products if there is a strong plastic taste, the color of the shell is very dark, it shows that the plastic material used for this product should be inferior, relatively easy to cause the aging of the product, also not resistant to beating;
(2) When the plastic shell of the product is lightly touched, there will be obvious scratches, which indicates that the shell of the product is very thin and fragile, which will break if knocked down carelessly;
(3) Inferior and poor workmanship products shell feels feel is very rough, there will be some rough feeling of the bumpy surface, and the high quality plastic shell feels very smooth feel, the shell color is more bright-coloured color, there will be no obvious scratch, can very good protection products in electronic accessories, prolong the life cycle of the product.

There are many factors affecting the purchase of children’s electronic toys, and the high-quality plastic shell is a factor that cannot be ignored. To control the product quality, not only from the product’s many core components, but also from the easy to ignore the plastic shell. Because the high-quality plastic shell not only protects the electronic components of the electronic products, but also determines the purchase desire of consumers, giving consumers a good consumption experience. High quality products can form a good word of mouth in the hearts of consumers, create a high sense of trust for the merchants, so as to promote consumers to continue to consume, improve the brand awareness of the merchants. Therefore, choosing a manufacturer that controls every detail of the product is an important test for buyers. I hope this article can give you some enlightenment and thinking.

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