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By CheerTone | 08 May 2023 | 0 Comments

What will happen if ChatGPT were applied to smart kids toys?

How ChatGPT Used in Kids Smart Toys

ChatGPT, a chatbot program developed by OpenAI in the United States, was released on November 30, 2022. ChatGPT is a natural language processing tool powered by artificial intelligence, which can converse with humans by understanding and learning their language. It can interact based on the context of the conversation, truly chatting and communicating like a human. It can even complete tasks such as writing emails, video scripts, copywriting, translation, coding, and writing papers.

From this, it can be seen that the capabilities of ChatGPT are so powerful, and this is only the basic ability it had when it was just released. ChatGPT is like a newborn baby, it will become smarter and more human-like as time goes by and people continue to interact and train it.

In fact, humans have been discussing the concept of AI and its future development direction for a long time. For example, the famous movie "Her" and the popular artificial intelligence interactive game "Detroit: Become Human" in recent years have shown how AI will affect humanity in the future, not only in the field of technology but also in life.

Of course, the impact of AI is both positive and negative. Today we will discuss what will happen if AI is applied to our children's electronic toys? In this article, I will treat ChatGPT as my personal assistant and explore this question together.

Firstly, let's have ChatGPT introduce itself:

kids sport watch

From ChatGPT responses, it is clear that it is an AI language model developed by OpenAI, designed to help people solve problems, provide information, and engage in conversational interactions. It also emphasizes that it is just a machine and lacks human emotions and experiences.

Next, I have assigned a role to ChatGPT and asked it to discuss the potential benefits and drawbacks of applying ChatGPT to electronic toys for children on the market, such as children's smartwatches and learning machines, from the perspective of a product market research expert.

ChatGPT response is as follows:

smart watch manufacturer

ChatGPT discussed the potential benefits of applying itself to children's electronic toys. I will also explore the potential changes that could occur if ChatGPT were integrated into these toys, based on their current features.

Firstly, a child's personal assistant:

Products such as the Apple Watch or HUAWEI Watch already come equipped with AI voice assistants like Siri. By activating and sending commands to the AI assistant, you can complete tasks such as making phone calls or sending messages without manually operating the device. So, what would happen if ChatGPT were added to a Kids Smart Watch?

Taking the Cheertone CT-S2 Kids Sport Watch as an example, which not only has an IP68 waterproof rating and six sports modes but also monitors real-time heart rate, body temperature, sleep quality, and weather. If ChatGPT were added to the CT-S2, it could become a personal assistant exclusively for children. Previously, the function of monitoring sports data required manual activation to record the data.

children's smart watch

However, with the application of ChatGPT, children's exercise routines could become more standardized and regular. With its powerful language and data collection capabilities, ChatGPT could help children develop complete fitness plans and provide guidance on exercises, like a professional fitness coach.

Moreover, it is possible to expand the ChatGPT Plugins to enable convenient operations such as booking hotels and tickets.

ChatGPT Plugin

Secondly, it can enhance the interactivity and fun of children's electronic toys.

Imagine if all the anime characters we have watched before were given AI capabilities. They would no longer interact with you based on pre-set responses but like real human beings who give you the most genuine replies based on your questions. Let's take the Kids Smart Watch CT-W24 as an example.

CT-W24 not only has a 1.69-inch IPS touch screen and a 90-degree rotatable and extendable camera but also cool seven-color ambient lights and a variety of practical educational functions. Besides, CT-W24 also has Cheertone's self-developed Gubi interactive pet. Assuming that ChatGPT is applied to Gubi interactive pet, Gubi's interaction with children will no longer be limited to facial expressions and actions. Gubi will be given the ability to collect and organize information, truly becoming a child's playmate. If this function can be realized, the interactivity and fun of traditional children's smartwatches will be greatly improved.

kids sport watch CT-S2

If this function can be realized, I believe that this will be a huge change for the children's electronic toy market, and it also marks that the development of AI has entered a new stage.

Thirdly, provide a massive educational resource database for children's electronic toys.

According to the latest news released by OpenAI, ChatGPT 4.0 can now support networking. This means that ChatGPT's database has become more extensive, and it can collect more information and provide more accurate answers.

What would happen if ChatGPT is applied to the Kids Learning Laptop CT-900? CT-900 has 60 rich and interesting programs that allow you to learn common knowledge, letters, numbers, and listen to stories. You can even play puzzle games, simulate sending emails, and write diaries. If the application of ChatGPT technology is added, all the characters in the stories of the children's learning laptop CT-900 will come to life, and you can interact with any NPC, and they will also give you more intelligent answers.

Furthermore, if ChatGPT is applied to kids electronic educational toys, traditional children's electronic learning machines will no longer need to install electronic storybooks, learning cards, calculators, and other functions. This is because you only need to tell ChatGPT your needs, and it can quickly collect the information and answers you need.

These are the benefits of applying ChatGPT to kids electronic toys, as believed by ChatGPT. In addition, ChatGPT also points out the possible drawbacks of this action:

camera watch kids

Firstly, it may lead to children becoming dependent on ChatGPT.

While ChatGPT ability to collect and analyze data is truly impressive, it can provide a wide range of information and help solve many problems.

However, this could potentially cause children to overlook their own thinking and judgment skills, and even believe that ChatGPT answers are always correct.

This dependency may also be reflected in education. Imagine a scenario where a child encounters a problem they don't understand. Instead of thinking about how to solve the problem, their first instinct is to use ChatGPT to get the correct answer. From this perspective, ChatGPT's influence on children's education could be negative.

Secondly, there is a privacy issue.

On March 31, 2023, the Italian data regulator Garante temporarily banned ChatGPT due to concerns about data security. Do you know why? It is because Garante found that ChatGPT violated four GDPR issues:

1.It lacks an age control and parental consent system, allowing children under the age of 13 to use ChatGPT freely.

2.It may provide inaccurate or even false information.

3.People's data is being collected without their permission.

4.ChatGPT's large-scale collection of information has no legal basis.

Currently, OpenAI has not responded to the regulatory agency, so ChatGPT was removed from Italy on March 31, 2023. Besides Italy, France, Germany, and Ireland may also follow suit and ban ChatGPT on the grounds of illegality.

In fact, besides ChatGPT, there are many AI-powered tools that have similar issues, such as the recently popular AI drawing tool Midjourney.

By inputting commands, it can automatically design and generate images that meet your needs. The following picture of these smartwatches was generated by Midjourney.

Don't they look similar to the smartwatches we commonly see today? Therefore, concerning ChatGPT's misuse of data and privacy breaches, not only do various countries need to continually improve their laws and regulations to regulate its use, but OpenAI also needs to improve its technology and ability to protect user data.

cheertone camera

Thirdly, the impact on social skills.

While ChatGPT lacks human emotions and social skills, excessive reliance on interactions with ChatGPT may cause children to lose their ability to communicate with humans normally. As ChatGPT can solve most of the child's problems, the child's contact with parents and family is reduced. In severe cases, this can even affect the emotional and intellectual development of the child.

In conclusion, applying ChatGPT technology to kids electronic toys will bring certain benefits and drawbacks. So, how can we maximize the advantages of combining AI and kids smart electronic toys?

1.Use ChatGPT as an auxiliary tool rather than a substitute. AI is always AI and is also set by humans. Therefore, when designing such products, the initial intention must be human-oriented. At the same time, as parents or teachers of children, we should encourage children to communicate and interact with people rather than AI.

2.Strengthen privacy protection. As mentioned earlier, the protection of personal privacy requires joint efforts between the country and OpenAI.

3.Based on ChatGPT, design a unique language model specifically for children. For example, focusing more on educational and emotional development needs, allowing children to use ChatGPT in a safe and controlled environment. Of course, this idea can also be expanded to different groups of people, such as different professions and local usage of different countries.

If you have read the article to this point, I believe you are also amazed at the speed of AI development. Perhaps in the future, the traditional kids electronic education toy industry will usher in a huge transformation. It will not only affect kids electronic toys but also affect the manufacturers who produce them.

Cheertone has 17 years of manufacturing experience and 15 years of OEM & ODM experience. We have always kept up with the times, adhering to the pace of research, development, design, and innovation. We have an experienced team of researchers and designers to help customers achieve their goals from 0 to 1. We have been working with many well-known brands such as Walmart and Toysrus to ensure this.

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