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About Cheertone

Here at Cheertone, we have 15 years of experience in the production and sale of children's electronic toys. We have top-of-the-line product quality supervision/assurance, a skilled market-trend research system, 5,000 square meters of workshop-space, and 10 modern production lines. All of this guarantees the highest quality and superb delivery time of our customer's products. In addition, we have a professional R&D team as well as an experienced sales team. All of this provides our customers with the best of everything from software, to molds, and all other aspects of development that are integral in giving the best to our customers.

Looking-Back at Handheld Consoles

When it comes to handheld games, many of the youngest people today think of the Nintendo Switch--a newer product released by the Nintendo during the previous couple of years. Those of generations born in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s most likely would recall the popular Nintendo GB series of handheld game consoles as well as the Sony PSP series of handheld game consoles. As one can see when looking at the development of these eras of handheld game consoles, they are a market full of constant innovation. The classic GB series of handheld game consoles have long since stopped production and sale for this reason, but there are lots of older players who wish to be able to buy a similar handheld game console. The reasons for this can vary from desiring that nostalgic feeling of childhood joy that comes from playing a classic game to wanting to collect gaming devices. As a result of this, handheld game consoles of all styles and for all generations of people have always been desired by a certain market and sold well within it.

For adults, hand-held video-games are not only a hallmark of childhood memories they also are a stellar tool to relax and reduce stress with. Also, by being very small and easy carry they are handy for their ability to allow people to play a game anytime, anywhere when traveling. For children, a game console that is entertaining is a big desire, with those children's parents being eager to have their kids use a console that is additionally educational and safe. Children don't even realize how these fun games are also helping them learn independent thinking and developing their hand-eye coordination, but parents are happy to know they are doing so--plus, parents and their children can play together, fostering parent-child relationships!

About Our Handheld Game Consoles

Our handheld game consoles look very classic and retro. Unlike old arcade consoles that could be gigantic, however, ours have the remarkable feature that they are about the size of a mobile phone, making them light and portable. You can take them wherever you go, which is very fun! Anytime you get tired working on the computer or scrolling through your phone you can play these to relax and remind yourself of your childhood. Plus, this is not just some bland game console, it is a piece of collectible art thanks to how it is designed to evoke those classic and nostalgic memories. Another benefit to our consoles is that they are much cheaper and therefore more affordable than handheld consoles from the console giants such as Nintendo. Besides, our games are classic (no less so than Nintendo's) which give players the same level of pleasure and retro-fun that companies such as Nintendo have been catering to with this retro trend of recent years. In regards to our handheld game consoles, we have four.

1. The CT-885
This handheld game console has a strong retro style. It has an appearance similar to Nintendo's famous handheld game console, the GB. It has a 2.8-inch TFT color screen.

Also, this console adopts the classic cross key which features anti-slip buttons. this not only provides players with a smooth gaming experience, but it also brings back memories of classic gaming.

It has 8-bit and 16-bit functionality. The 8-bit handheld game console has 200 original games built-in whereas the 16-bit handheld console has 220 original games built-in. Also, the operation of the console is very simple so that both adults and children can easily use it.

Should a customer want to change the appearance of a game into something different, such as (for example) a Disney character like Elsa from, "Frozen," the customer only needs to provide the authorized game software content and details. Should that be provided we can eagerly support any needed design and development changes or modifications.

2. The CT-883
This game console has 8-bit and 16-bit functionality. The 8-bit handheld console has 200 original games built-in while the 16-bit handheld console has 220 original games built-in, plus support for the NES game format. Should someone want to switch to, "Street Fighter," or, "Super Mario," games we have alternative libraries for them to choose from!

It is a horizontal handheld game console with a retro appearance and size similar to that found with a mobile phone. For this reason, it does not take up a lot of space and is easily carried so it can be played anytime or anywhere!

It also has a 2.8-inch TFT color screen with the classic cross keys and anti-slip key feature. This makes it more pleasant and smooth to play.

3. The CT-501
This is an 8-bit game console with 180 original games built-in, allowing customers many choices!

Its appearance is very lovely, and it is small enough to fit in the palm of one's hand, making it easy to travel with.

It uses a 1.8-inch TFT color screen. Thanks to having clear picture quality it will not cause eye-strain or damage.

The PVC blister packaging box style is utilized, which allows customers to see the model of the machine with ease, it is eye-catching for sure!

4. The CT-505
This console features 180 games built-in and features retro games such as, "Pac-Man," "the King of Fighters," and so forth.

It has a mini portable shape, making it easy to even carry in your pocket so you can play it anytime and anywhere!

The 1.8-inch TFT color screen has a sharp display that saves you from possible eye-strain or damage.

With an exquisite window box as the packaging design, you can see the game machine itself very clearly. Plus, with the color being an elegant purple it looks very retro and noble.

About Our Product Quality

In order to ensure the highest quality of our products and to be certified by various authorities, we carefully control the purchase of raw materials for our game consoles. For example, the PCBA board,we use gold plating and nickel plating as they have an anti-oxidation effect and can help guarantee a long life for our product's motherboard, thus ensuring a high-quality product. As for the electronic materials and accessories we utilize, we purchase primary materials instead of secondary recycled materials because even if they are not as cheap they are higher-quality and ensure the durability and stability of our products. We purchase our IC chip used in our game console from Taiwan and Hong Kong because they provide a guarantee of high-quality for us as partners we invest in. In addition, we are sure to use four consecutive conductive adhesives for our handheld game buttons because they are known for being elastic and tough, making buttons more sensitive as well (which is important for good game-play). Our color packaging boxes go through the technological process of 350 single powder +4 color printing + light glue +PVC window. This ensures the quality and firmness of the color box. This quality and firmness are key so as to prevent any damage to the box when it is in the process of transportation. Throughout the production process, we also talk with our workers about the importance of ensuring products are of the highest quality and engage them in training often related to the production and assembly process of our handheld game consoles. Every product is closely inspected as well, with any faulty ones immediately singled-out for maintenance and repairs. Finally, our Quality Control department inspects each product carefully to be sure all our products have no problems before their being packaged and warehoused.

To give an example of our dedication to customer service, we had a Swedish customer, NetOnNet AB, which was intrigued by our handheld game console the CT-885 when they saw it at one of our exhibitions in Hong Kong. They placed an order of 10,000 units and requested customized packaging for the boxes that featured their logo. According to the feedback of our customer, They were very impressed with our colleague Andy! One reason we excel so much is that our customers value how our products and factory has complete certification. Our products have CE, RoHs, EN71, EN62115, EN60825 certificate, our factory has ICTI, BSCI, GSV, SMETA SEDEX, DISNEY, such as ISO9001 certification. Plus, we can fully guarantee our factory will have sufficient materials, staffing, and strength to ensure a high-quality product is produced and delivered. Our Swedish customer also expressed how he was pleased that our CT-885 handheld game console is so similar to the Nintendo GB while still having original games inside that players can enjoy as well as purchasing the product to collect and display. Lastly, our Swedish customers appreciated how the quality of our products is always guaranteed--we don't want to have defective products that would lead to a poor reputation after all!

Here at Cheertone as long as you have an idea or a desire for high-quality gaming we are here and ready to be at your service! We look forward to working with you hand-in-hand to ensure we help produce exactly what you need!