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At the present time, when it comes to the children's wearable device market, children's phone watches occupy the main/head position in terms of sales. Product homogeneity has been a serious concern, but the immense popularity of these devices has helped support a strong and stable market. According to Google search trends, the global popularity of children's phone watches has remained steady from 2018 to 2019, with peaks occurring at times too such as in March 2019 when search popularity spiked a bit and then settled while remaining strong. With the advent of the 5g era, we see communications networks and other aspects constantly innovating so there is arguably a huge amount of development space in the market of the children's phone watch. The appearance and function of the children's smart watch and children's phone watch in the marketplace are very similar. The biggest differences between the watches themselves are the watch's network/internet/data call function and its positioning function. The following will be explored further below.
  1. Internet Calling Function
The communication system we use is a GSM (global system for mobile communications). This is the most widely used mobile phone standard, which is also known as the second generation (2G) mobile phone system. In order to adapt to the different radio frequency distribution in various countries, the GSM system can work in a number of different frequency bands, namely 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz. At the same time, the frequency used by each country differs as well. Also, it should be noted how a key feature of GSM is the user identity module (SIM), also known as the "SIM card" (a SIM card is a removable smart card IC that holds the user's data and phone book). Therefore, children's phone watches have generally used a GSM or GPRS (equivalent to the 3G network) communication system, and support GSM in the four frequencies.
The current children's phone watch design is mainly based on 2G network communication. It supports four frequency signals of the GSM calling system. If the operators in some countries do not support the GSM communication system, the customers will need to customize the children's watches in a manner that supports the communication system of the national operators. This requires different kinds of software development with the children's watches. It also necessitates that the customers provide relevant information for development. All of this will generally increase the cost. Children's watches on 2G networks currently are more popular within developing countries, while children's watches on 3G or 4G networks are increasingly popular in developed countries. No matter whether they are 2G, 3G or 4G networks for children's phone watches, they all can support the voice functions needed for calls and are beloved by children.
  1. Positioning Function
The general positioning methods include LBS base station positioning, GPS positioning, AGPS positioning, Wifi indoor precise positioning, and Bluetooth positioning. While the positioning functions of children's watches mainly include LBS base station positioning, GPS positioning and Wifi indoor precise positioning are utilized as well. How the three work will be addressed now. (1)The location of the LBS base station--that is, the location of the mobile phone signal--is based on the signal difference of the cellular base station of the operator and through certain algorithms to calculate the location of the phone. This can depend on the base station coverage density near the location. The more base stations there are, the more accurate the location. Should the number of base stations be insufficient then the LBS location cannot be performed. Because its positioning accuracy is generally 10-2000 meters, which is quite a wide range and not very exact. There are many children's phone watches in the market which use the LBS positioning function. The base station in the city can have a large coverage density and its positioning function is relatively accurate. There are a lot of children's phone watches in the market that use LBS positioning. Parents can control their children's phone watch through their mobile phones, so that they can know their children's location at any time. Secondly, the price of phone  watches using LBS base station is relatively low, which is affordable for many families. (2) GPS positioning, which is also known as the global positioning system is a popular method. It is generally accurate to within 5-10 meters and does not have to constantly connect to the network as long as it is being utilized in the outdoors, occasionally, "pinging," its location for accurate positioning anytime and anywhere. This increased functionality is more powerful than that of the children's watch with an LBS base station and as it is less influenced by external factors it is generally easier for parents to precisely find the location of their children. (3)Wifi indoor precise positioning is utilized indoors over Wifi networks. It has a positioning accuracy of 5-20 meters. As GPS is less useful indoors, Wifi is much more accurate and fast within indoor and crowded spaces. Children's phone watches equipped with Wifi positioning can accurately locate children in crowded supermarkets or amusement park settings without worrying about losing their children. These days, children's phone watches can generally support a 2G network and use the above-discussed three types of positioning--LBS base station positioning, GPS positioning, and Wifi indoor precise positioning. In addition, there are also some with all of those features--a triple positioning function. The price of a watch with that capability will understandably be more expensive. Here at Shenzhen Cheertone Technology Co., Ltd., we are a manufacturer of children's toys and we have 12 years of OEM&ODM children's toys production experience. At this current time, our children's phone watch mainly utilizes a 2G network signal and LBS base station location. Also, our phone watch has many functions such as teaching children about how to tell time, photo-taking capabilities, video-shooting abilities, puzzle games and more. The price is also very reasonable compared to similar watches within the marketplace.
The whole type of watch is more cartoon and cute, especially for children aged 3-12 years old to use, it has the following five main characteristics: (1) It can support 2G network calls. This allows children to keep in touch with their parents as well as friends, strengthening their social bonds. (2) There are a number of puzzle games, such as basketball-themed ones, those focused on mathematical cognition, picture-focused ones, car racing, and so forth. These games not only excite children, but it also helps exercise their thinking and logic abilities, boosts picture cognition, and integrates entertainment with learning. (3) Waterproof functions are an aspect as well. This is useful as children are very curious about the World and enjoy exploring it--which could result in them accidentally dropping their watch in the water! Without a waterproof function it would then be damaged and unusable. (4) It can take photos and record videos, allowing children to be little movie directors of their lives, shooting and recording all the fun moments. (5) There is great strong endurance. The battery life of the children's phone watch is very powerful with a charge of 3 hours generally allowing it to be used and played for 4-5 hours total, meeting all of a child's playtime needs. Because the network operators used in different countries are not the same, there are different requirements for children's phones and watch communication, positioning in various countries. Therefore, our children's telephone watch generally utilizes the most common 2G signal watch on the market. If customers want 3G or 4G signals and to use GPS or other means of positioning, we can also carry out R&D and production according to these customer requirements. The cost of such watches will increase, however, and the production time will be longer. This is because the main board of the watch needs to be replaced and modified and it will need to be constantly adjusted and tested to match the signal and frequency of the customer's country. If the customer just wants to customize the logo and the packaging box of the phone watch, we can carry out that production with ease as long as the customer provides the relevant information. As long as you have the ideas to provide us with, we will strive to meet your needs! Our children's telephone watches have strict quality control carried-out from the purchase of raw materials to the final product packaging, After purchasing the raw materials of the products, our QC (quality control) department will inspect them, and the materials that meet all of our requirements will then be allowed to be put into the production line. Also, before production, we always carry-out strict pre-job training with all of our product assembly workers. This is so that our workers can get familiar with the structure of products and this will reduce mistakes in the production processes. By the end of our telephone watch's production process, there is functional testing and appearance inspection. For example, we test the frequency of the watch (the frequency range depends on the chip on the motherboard) and there is the communication test (every watch will be inserted with SIM card test signal). After the shell of the watch is assembled, other functions of the watch are tested as well, such as the speaker of the watch, photo functionality, and ensuring there are zero problems before packaging the final product. The whole process of production has quality control personnel involved for sampling inspection, the quality of our products is always strictly controlled. Shenzhen Cheertone Technology Co., Ltd. is always working to grow and improve the quality of all our products and services to meet the different needs of all our customers. We are always committed to mutual benefits for everyone and focused on providing a, "Win-win," with our valued clients. We encourage you to reach out to us today with any concepts you may have and to see how we can help your ideas become a reality!