With the Upsurge of Intelligence Coming, the Safety, Function and Education of Children Smart Watch Are More and More Favored by Children. According to the Overall Market Development Trend of Children’s Watches, Our Company Has Developed Several Different Types of Smart Watch for Children, Which Are as Follows.
Children Learning Puzzle Smart Watch. Their Appearance Is Similar to Vtech’s Children’s Smartwatch. And Compare With It, Our Kids Smart Watch Cost Performance Is Relatively High.
The Main Functions Include Taking Photos, Recording Videos, Time Teaching, and Puzzles and Motion Sensing Game and So on. This Type of Children Smart Watch, Not Only Has Some Interesting Functions for Kids to Play, but Also Can Communicate With Other Children to Enhance the Relationship Between Them. For Parents, They Can Exercise Their Children’s Logical Thinking Ability, Hands-on Operation Ability and Hand-eye Coordination Ability During the Brain Development Period, Develop Some Good Living Habits, and Also Reduce the Harm of Children’s Early Exposure to Mobile Games. Therefore, These Children Learn the Puzzle Watch Is a Good Birthday Gift.

W6 Kids Education Smart Watch

  1. 1.44 IPS HD touch screen
  2. 90°rotation camera
  3. Resolution:240*240, JPEG
  4. 36 carton digital and analog clock faces
  5. Build in 9 puzzle games
  6. Support the pictures upload and download
  7. Function: take photos, video record, voice record, pedometer, music player, games,time master, alarm, stopwatch, torch, calculator, smart reminder, calendar and so on
  8. 400Mah lithium ion battery(full charge for 2-3 hour, continuous use for 3-4 hours)
  9. Color: pink, blue, green,customized
  10. 6 background pictures
  11. Settings: Volume, Brightness, Brightness time, Date;Time, Parental control, Language(English / Spanish / Japanese / Italian / German / Russian / Hebrew), Factory reset
  12. Each set incl: smart watch * 1, USB cable * 1, manual * 1.

W11X Custom Kids Smart Watch

  1. 1.54 IPS HD touch screen
  2. Dual camera (0.3MP)
  3. Resolution:240*240, JPEG
  4. 36 carton digital and analog clock faces
  5. Build in 9 puzzle games
  6. Support the pictures upload and download
  7. Function: take photos, video record, voice record, pedometer, music player, games,time master, alarm, stopwatch, torch, calculator,smart reminder, calendar and so on
  8. 400Mah lithium ion battery(full charge for 2-3 hour, continuous use for 3-4 hours)
  9. Color: pink, blue, customized
  10. Settings: Volume, Brightness, Brightness time, Date;Time, Parental control, Language(English / Spanish / Japanese / Italian / German / Russian / Hebrew), Factory reset
  11. Each set incl: watch * 1, USB cable * 1, manual * 1.

W20C Phone Smart Watch for Children

  1. 1.54 IPS HD touch screen
  2. One camera (0.1 MP)
  3. Resolution:240*240, JPEG
  4. 6 amazing digital and analog clock faces
  5. Material: ABS plastic and the silicone
  6. Support 4GB SD card
  7. Build in 5 puzzle games
  8. Support the pictures upload and download
  9. 310MAH lithium ion battery
  10. Color: pink, lake green, customized
  11. Function:calling, phone book, call records, take photos, music player, games, alarm, stopwatch, calendar, torch, calculator, voice record and so on.
  12. Settings: Sound; Brightness; time/Date; Brightness time; factory Reset; Storage location; language (English, Spanish, Japanese, German, Russian, Hebrew)
  13. Each set incl: watch *1, USB cable * 1, manual * 1.

W20X Children Smart Watch

  1. 1.54 IPS HD touch screen
  2. One camera (0.3 MP )
  3. Resolution:240*240, JPEG
  4. 16 amazing digital and analog clock faces
  5. Support 4gb SD card
  6. Support the pictures upload and download
  7. 310MAH lithium ion battery
  8. Build in 5 puzzle games
  9. Color: purple, blue, customized
  10. Function: take photos, music player, voice record, photo album, games, torch, alarm, timer, stopwatch calendar, calculator and so on
  11. Settings: Sound, Brightness, time/Date, Brightness time, factory Reset, Storage location, Language (English, Spanish, Japanese, German, Russian, Hebrew)
  12. Each set incl: watch *1, USB cable * 1, manual * 1.

What They Have in Common:

  1. Taking Photo. Children Can Not Only Take Pictures of the Distant Scenery, but Also Take Selfies With Their Friends to Record the Details of Their Lives.
  2. Interesting Watch Faces. There Are Many Cartoon Digital and Analog Watch Faces, Children Can Change the Watch Face of the Children Smart Watch Interface at Will.
  3. Time Teacher, Alarm Clock, Stopwatch, Countdown Functions. They Can Develop Children’s Sense of Time, and Cultivate Some Good Time Management Habits.
  4. Games With a Number of Puzzle Games, Children Can Exercising Their Hand-eye Coordination Ability, Logical Ability With Playing.
  5. Parents Control. Parents Can Set a Safe Time for Children to Play Games in the Watch to Prevent Addiction.
  6. Music Player. All of These Have the Ability to Play Music, and Children Can Download More Music to Store on the Watch to Develop Their Own Sense of Music.
  7. Languages. These Products Are Available in English, Italian, Hebrew Etc., Which Can Meet the Needs of Different Language Countries and Also Support Language Customization.

In Addition, the Four Learning Smart Watches Differ in the Following Aspects:

  • Screen. This Children’s Watch of W6 Uses a 1.44 Inch IPS Color Touch Screen, and It Has Two Operation Buttons, One Is the on-off Button, the Other Is the Home Button. Other Models of Kids Smart Watches Use a 1.54 Inch Tft Color Touch Screen and Only Have a Home Button. Their Screen Touch Is Very Sensitive, and the Operation Is Relatively Easy, Children Can Explore and Master the Operation.
  • Camera. W20X Has Only One Camera; the W6 Has a 90° Rotatable Camera, and the W11X and W22 Children’s Smartwatch Have Two Cameras That Can Not Only Take Long Shots, but Also Take Selfies.
  • Flashlight.w6 Does Not Have a Flashlight, While W11X, W20X and W22 All Have Flashlights, So Children Do Not Need to Worry in the Dark Environment.
  • Shortcut Icon. W11X and W22 Will Have This Function on the Watch Face. Touch the Watch and the Cute Function Icon Will Appear, Which Is Convenient and Interesting.
  • Support SD Card. W6, W11X and W22T These Smart Watch for Kids, They Are Not Able to Support the SD Extension; and W20X Smart Watch Can Support SD Card, So Children Can Download Some Music on the SD Card.
  • Protective Case. W22, a Children’s Smartwatch, Is Designed With Some Waterproof Protective Covers, So Children Can Take Pictures Underwater With It. And the Other Three Watches Are Only Daily Waterproof, Can Not Be Used in Water.
  • This Type of Children’s Watch Is Very Lovely, and the Function Is Also Very Rich, Can Meet the Needs of Children, Children Can Also Develop Some Small Habits, Favored by Children.

Children’s Phone Watches. Have SOS, Phone, Puzzle Games, Calendar and Other Functions. While Playing Happily, Children Can Also Keep a Close Contact With Their Parents, Which Ensures the Safety of Children and Enables Them to Grow Up Safely and Healthily.

This Phone Smart Watch Is Mainly in Lake Green and Pink, and Its Appearance Is Also Very Cartoon, Which Can Attract the Eyes of Children at First Sight. Next, Let’s See What It Does:
  • It Uses a 1.54 Inch Ips Touch Screen. The Light Reflected From the Watch Screen Is Soft and Will Not Harm Children’s Eyes.
  • Support Two-way Call Function, Children by Their Parents to Send Contact Phone Call and Answering the Telephone, and Supported by the 2 G Network, Because the Child Is the Ultimate User Experience, So We Watch All Is to Use 2 G Network, if Subsequent Investigation Demand, Customers Have a Demand on 4 G Networks, Then We Will They Upgrade to Support 4g Network;
  • SOS Call and Monitoring Functions. When Children Are in Danger, They Can Press the SOS Button to Ask Their Parents or Friends for Help.
  • There Is a 30w Pixel Camera, the Photos Are Very Clear, and There Is No Need to Worry About the Memory Shortage, Because It Can Also Support Tf Card, So That Children Can Be a Small Photographer, Shooting the Beautiful Moments in Life at Will;
  • Has Some Puzzle Features. 5 Puzzle Games Calculator and Music Player. They Can Not Only Bring Joy to Children, but Also Exercise Their Thinking Ability, Language Ability and Logical Ability, Achieving a Kind of Edutainment Effect.
A Small Watch Is Not Only a Good Gift for Children, but Also a Good Partner to Accompany the Happy Growth of Children.
Children’s Walkie Talkie Smart Watches. In Addition to Having a Photo, Time Teaching, Puzzle Games, Calculator and So on, There Is a Unique Intercom Function. This Is to Build a Bond of Interaction Between Parents and Children, and Between Children and Their Friends, Which Is Conducive to Promoting Children’s Communication With the People Around Them.
This Walkie Talkie Smartwatch for Children Is Very Cute in Appearance and Very Popular With Children. It Is Also Very Simple to Operate. In Addition, Its Functions Are Also Very Rich, Including:
  • 1.44 Inch IPS Touch Screen, the Operation Is Very Simple, Using Very Environmentally Friendly Materials.
  • With More Than 20 Cartoon Watch Face, Time Teacher, Alarm Clock and Other Functions, Can Help Children Learn and Develop Time Management Ability, Develop a Good Habit;
  • It Has a Rotating 90-degree Camera, Which Can Clearly Shoot and Record the Beautiful Scenery of Life, and the Pictures Can Be Downloaded via Usb Cable and Saved on Other Devices (Such as Computers).
  • Other Puzzle Functions. There Is a Voice Interaction With the Children’s Mr. Hippo, 3 Puzzle Games, Music. Through These Interesting Functions to Improve the Children’s Language Ability, Logical Ability and Hands-on Ability.
  • Intercom Function. It Can Be Matched With the Intercom Equipment of the Same Frequency Within 200m to Serve as the Game Partner for Children’s Outdoor Activities, and Also Serve as the Communication Equipment in Some Places With No Signal or Weak Signal. It Can Interact With a Talkback Pen and a Talkback Doll at the Same Frequency to Give Children More Choices and Experience More Social Fun.
This Is Not Only a Watch, but Also a Mini Walkie-talkie, Such a Good Product, Worthy of Children’s Own, but Also Worthy of Parents for Their Children to Buy, Is a Good Birthday, Christmas Gift.


Our Kids Smart Watches Brand Is WoWatch. All Models Are Supported OEM & ODM, Customers Can Customize Their Brands on Touch Panel, Strap, Casing and Color Box.

Order Process

When Customer Confirm the Sample, Engineer Will Sign the Material Sample According to the Confirmed Sample, and Then the Purchasing Department Arranges to Purchase the Materials. After the Materials Are Ready, Our IQC Will Inspect the Materials According to the International Standards. The Production Department Get the Materials  From the Warehouse for Production as the Order.

Step 1

  • Project Office
  • Make the Sample as the Requirment

Step 2

  • Quality Department
  • Test the Sample

Step 3

  • Business Department
  • Confrim the Sample with Customer

Working Principle

Firstly, the Software Program of the Watch as Well as the Program of the TP Touch Screen Are Burned Within the Watch and Turned-on via a Switch. This Switch Is the Control for the Power / The Power-switch. Lastly, the Main Program Software Is Programmed Into the CPU Which Controls the Data, and This Data Is Transmitted to Each Above-mentioned Terminal (the Software Program and TP Touch Screen) to Start the Functioning.

Product Main Parts

A. PCBA(Including CPU, Storage)
B. 1.54/1.44 Inch IPS Screen
C. Touch Screen
D. Speaker
E. Microphone
F. Camera
G. 310/400 mAh Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery
H. ABS Casing
I. Silicone strap
J. Antenna (walkie talkie watch)
K. SIM card slot and SD card slot
L. USB Cable (With Power Supply and Download Functions)
M. User Manual

Production Process and Technology for Game Time Watch

A. Material Acquisition and Pre-production

The First Step Is Purchasing the Materials We Will Need to Make the Manual, the Plastic Elements of the Smart Watch, the USB Cable, the Silicone Strap, and the Packaging Boxes. We Ensure These Are All in Strict Accordance With Every Environmental Standard by Purchasing From Trusted Suppliers We Can Rely on to Sell Us Quality Materials. Once We Have Everything Needed We Transfer These Purchased Materials to the Quality Control (QC) Department for Inspection of All Incoming Materials. Everything Is Looked at From the Manual Which Is Examined to Be Sure the Product Directions Are Correct to the Packaging Box, So as to Know It Is Not Easily Ripped or Damaged. The Camera Is Closely Looked at Too So That We Can Be Sure It Will Work Effectively. Our QC Department Makes Sure Everything Meets Our High Standards and Anything Judged to Be Below Our Desired Level of Quality Is Not Placed on the Production Line. Only Once QC Has Examined Something and Approved It Will It Move to the Production Department.

B. Main Production Process

  1. ABS Plastic Case: Once the color has been selected for the watch case according to the International color number, the ABS material is prepared and then poured within the injection molding machine with a watch mold in place. It dissolves at a high temperature and forms the needed mold. After between 2 and 3 hours the indicator light of the injection molding machine will activate, thereby indicating that the case of the watch has been successfully produced and needs to be removed from the machine. This temperature of the watch shell is generally very high, so it needs to be cooled within cold water to make sure the shape of the case is permanent. Once cooling is done, the case’s trim is cut and smoothed to be sure no sharp edges are present which could scratch children.
  2. PCBA Board: First, the purchased motherboard (which QC has inspected) is sent to the SMT department where the placement machine attaches the needed small electronic materials and can fix them via a reflow oven. Then the game machine’s brain/ IC is inserted via solid crystal machine fixing. The binding machine proceeds to enter the function of the game console and the test rack is used to test the board’s game functions. If there is a defect found these are removed to be repaired. Finally, the IC is sealed with a black glue and then placed within the oven for high temperature fixing to protect the chip inside. With this process done the worker plugs the plug into the PCBA and the plug is then hardened and affixed in a furnace at temperatures of up to 260-300 degrees. After this it goes to the cutting area to cut off any leftover material on the plug-in and then the PCBA is polished through the automatic tin stove. To complete the process, the microphone is welded on.
  3. Burn Program: The “Burn program,” refers to how we input the function of the watch into the PCBA board, e.g. we “Burn” the watch TP program and software program.
  4. Inspection of the PCBA Board: The proper functioning of the PCBA board is tested by the test stand. During this test all workers doing it must carry an electrostatic bracelet, so as to reduce the influence of static electricity on the electronics inside the watch. When no problem is detected with the assembly unit is put into the process and if there is a problem the maintenance department is called-upon to inspect what maintenance may be needed.

C. Assembly

  1. Internal Assembly: After all the front materials are read the camera is mounted on the casing card and pressed in tightly. Then the double-sided tape is attached to the PCBA board, with the display soldered on as well as the camera being soldered on. After the welding, the display of the watch is tested to ensure the screen works and in responsive. Should the screen not work it is repaired. The PCBA board is then assembled into the shell and the battery is soldered in. Following this the touch-screen is assembled and more double-sided tape is attached to each screw post followed by the charging test being conducted. At this point the internal assembly of the watch is completed.
  2. External Assembly: First the buckle is put into the strap and then put into the bottom shell on the silicone strap, followed the shell of the front and rear cabinets, screwed-in, and the capacitive touch screen is attached (which requires an ion fan to remove dust). Next, a series of tests are carried out.: the charge aging test, the finished product test, the USB line storage test, and so forth. During these tests should any defects occur in a product it will be picked-out of the line for repair. Finally, a product that is deemed to meet our standards and be free of any defect has a protective film attached to protect the screen.

D. Packaging

The assembled smart watch which has been completed in the production department is sent to the packaging department for the final steps. The workers in the packaging department will check the appearance of the smart watch to ensure it is correct before they put it into a blister box. The blister box itself is made of PVC material which holds the weight of the smart watch very well. Next the manual and environmental card is put into the box, which is then sealed. The final sealing and warehousing is then carried out after everything else!


These children’s smartwatches, there are pink and purple for girls, blue and army green for lively boys and so on. At the same time, we can also support the customization of different colors according to the customer’s color requirements. Because our target consumer group is children, the use of pink, blue and other natural bright colors, can attract children’s attention, improve their ability to focus on things, help them quickly recognize the watch, learn to use the functions of children’s watch.

Product Packing

For different sales channels of buyers, we design two kinds of packing boxes for the kids puzzle smartwatch, such as the skylight color box and the gift box.
The skylight color box is larger than the gift box, and the consumers can directly see the children smart watch, and it also has a hook to hang from the wall. The type of the skylight color box is mainly sold in the large supermarkets, like  Wal-Mart, Lidi…Consumers can not only see the color and shape of the watch at a glance, stimulate their desire to purchase.
And the gift box is more suitable for online buyers, such as Amazon, eBay and so on. First of all, Its Small Size Reduces the Area Occupied by Boxes and Reduces the Freight Cost of Online Sellers. In addition, the gift box is very beautiful, and the buyers can put into other matching small accessories, When consumers buy the gift box and take it into their hands, it will bring them the pleasure of unpacking the “blind box”.

Product Certificate and Test Reports

This Kids Game Watch Has Passed CE,ROHS, EMC, ASTM, CPC, CPSIA…

Lead Time

  1. Sample or Trial Order ( Has Stock): 3-7 Working Days
  2. OEM & ODM Bulk Order: 30-45 Working Days After Pre-production Sample Confirmed


  1. By Air or International Express: DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT …
  2. By Sea
  3. By Train or by Truck
  4. Multimodal Transport


Our Watch Toy Kids Warranty Period is 1 Year. During the Warranty Period if There is a Quality Problem (Non-artificial Factors), Need to Provide Product Pictures and Video for Our After-sales Service Team, Engineering Department According to the Buyer Provided Photos and Video Analysis,  Judged Bad Machine Product Quality Problems,  We Will Offer Free Repair or Exchange New Product for the Buyers.


Shenzhen Cheertone Technology Co., Ltd., Established in 2004, is an Enterprise Integrating Product Research and Development, Design, Product ,sales and Service, With More Than 16 Years of OEM & ODM Experience. We Are Committed to Providing Customers With Higher Quality Products, Meet All Customers Customized Services, and to Accompany the Happy Growth of Children.
Main Products Involve Wearable Smartwatch Series, Including Children Digital Smart Watch, Kids Smart Phone Watch, Kids Sport Bracelet and So on. We Have an Innovative Team With Experienced Products Developing Engineers. Full Set of Production Equipment and Professional Production Lines. From Raw Material Procurement,molds Production, Product Assembly, Packaging, to Shipping, We Could Offer Convenient One-stop Service for All Processes.

Besides,we Have Passed the International Factory Inspection,like BSCI, ICTI, ISO9001, SEDEX, DISNEY, SMETA …  and the Products Have Also Passed the CE, RoHs, EMC, EN71, ASTM, EN62115 and So on. And Our Intention is Offering Excellent Kids Smart Watch ,enhancing Brand and Expanding the Global Market, Meeting the Customized Demands of the Global Customers.


1. Prospect Analysis of Children’s Smartwatch

According to CCS Insight Forecast,to 2023,wearable Global Market Will Be More Than $30 Billion in the Market, Intelligent Children Watch Market in Revenue Compound Annual Growth Rate of 13.2%, to 2025, the Global Market Will Be From $544.1 Million ( in 2019 ) to $893 Million . And Now the Parents Are Very Concerned About the Health of Children, Pay Great Attention to the Children’s Safety Problems, They Will Want to Choose a Children’s Intelligence Watch Helps Children Grow Healthily and Happily. It Also Shows That Children’s Smart Watches Have Great Potential.

2. Innovation of Kids Smart Watch

Shenzhen Cheertone Technology is an Electronic Toys Manufacture With More Than 16 Years Experience. With the Developing of Wearable Devices, Our Kids Smartwatch Are Also Being Updated and Iterated, Following the Innovation and Development of Smart Watch.

3. New Discovery, New Requirement

Our Kids Smart Watches Are Very Popular Both in China and Abroad . A Lot of New and Old Customers Will OEM/ODM Their Own Brands Basic on Our Watches, So That Can Enrich Their Goods Categories . During the Cooperation , We Establish a Stable Relationship of Trust and Cooperation With Our Customers From All Over the World.
Nowadays, the Competition in the Whole Smartwatch Market for Children is Becoming Increasingly Fierce, and We Constantly Update Our Watches According to the Overall Demand of the Market. In 2020, We Had CT-W11X, CT-W20X and CT-W20C These 3 Series Kids Smart Watches. And We Have Received a Lot of Orders From New and Old Buyers .
There is an Old Buyer Who Purchased CT-W6 From Us in Last 3 Years. CT-W6 is a Kid Smart Watch With Very Cute Appearance , So Very Popular in the Market. Because the Cost of the CT-W6 Children’s Smartwatch is Too High to Meet the Customer’s Ideal Price. After Many Times of Communication With the Customer, the Customer Decided to Adopt the Appearance of CT-W6 and Combine the Software of Our New Product CT-W11X This Year to Make Their Own Brand Smartwatch for Children. The Software Functions of CT-W11X Are Different From Those of CT-W6, Some of Which Are for Upgrading. The Overall Cost and Price Can Also Meet the Customer’s Satisfaction Value. In This Way, Customers Can Also Occupy Their Market Share at a More Advantageous Price.

4. Project Approval, Evaluation and Development

Our Product Development Department Attached Great Importance to This Old Customer’s New Demand and Agreed That It Was a Very Good Suggestion. We Immediately Held a Meeting With the Engineering Department to Evaluate the Feasibility and Difficulty of Meeting the Customer’s Demand. Finally, It Was Agreed That Our Team Was 100% Capable of Meeting the Customer’s Needs. The Salesman Replied to the Customer, and the Customer Immediately Arranged the Development Fee and Started the New Project.
The Main Issues Our Team Faced During the Development of This New Project Were as Follows:

(1) Hardware Part Difficulty

There Are Different Programs Between CT-W6 and CT-W11X, So Our Hardware Engineer Had to Make New Pcba Drawings Basic on the Pcb of CT-W6 According to the Software of CT-W11X. After a Lot of Testing , the Final Pcba Approved.

(2) Software Part Difficulty

Due to the Difference of Appearance Between CT-W6 and CT-W11x, Different Screen Size, Different Cameras and Touch Panels. So the Relative Programs Are Also Different. Our Software Engineers Have Adjust the Programs According to CT-W6 .
This Was Not an Easy Job , Needed to Adjust More Than 100 Times and Testing Till 100% Match.
  • Firstly, the Cameras. As CT-W6 is With 90-degree Rotatable Camera, but CT-W11x Software is Dual Cameras (Up-Facing and Top-facing), So the Driver Method and Different , Software Engineers Had to Adjust .
  • Screen Driver Debugging. CT-W6 Screen Size is 1.44 Inch , and CT-W11x Screen Size is 1.54 Inch. Their Chips Are Different , Software Engineers Have Change the Programs According to the IC Datasheet and Tested Till Screen Can Be Lighted Up Normally.
  • Touch Panel Driver Debugging. Due to Different Touch Panels , Program Has Adjust the Touch Points According to CT-W6 .
  • The Resolution of CT-W6 Screen Are 128*128, but CT-W11x Screen Resolution is 240*240, So Full Set Icons Should Be Redrew Accordingly.

5. Order Confirmed

This Process of Functional Software Customization is to Constantly Test, Feedback and Modify, Which Takes About 20 Working Days, and Finally Confirmed the Hardware and Software With the Customer. After the Sample is Completed, the Salesman Sent a Video Recording of Every Detail and Function of the Customized Watch to the Customer. As a Customer Who Has Cooperated With Us for Many Years and Has Great Trust in Us,  We Directly Confirmed the New Order.

6. Mass Order Production

Difficulties in Order Details

Because the Customer’s Sales Channels Are Online and Offline, the Requirements for Color Boxes, Shipping Marks and the Quantity of Each Box Are Very Strict. Two Color Color Box Design and the Corresponding Barcode Are Not the Same , Carton Label Also Need to Arrange Two Kinds of Color Box Printing Labels, and That is Part of the Goods to the Customers of a Specified by a Customer, We Also Need to Put the Customer in the Color Box and Carton Barcode as the Difference, in the Final Product Packaging of the Above, We Must Need to Pay Attention to the Details.

Main Production Process

  • ABS Plastic Case
Once the Color Has Been Selected for the Watch Case According to the International Color Number, the ABS Material is Prepared and Then Poured Within the Injection Molding Machine With a Watch Mold in Place. It Dissolves at a High Temperature and Forms the Needed Mold. After Between 2 and 3 Hours the Indicator Light of the Injection Molding Machine Will Activate, Thereby Indicating That the Case of the Watch Has Been Successfully Produced and Needs to Be Removed From the Machine. This Temperature of the Watch Shell is Generally Very High, So It Needs to Be Cooled Within Cold Water to Make Sure the Shape of the Case is Permanent. Once Cooling is Done, the Case’s Trim is Cut and Smoothed to Be Sure No Sharp Edges Are Present Which Could Scratch Children.
  • PCBA Board
First, the Purchased Motherboard (Which QC Has Inspected) is Sent to the SMT Department Where the Placement Machine Attaches the Needed Small Electronic Materials and Can Fix Them via a Reflow Oven. Then the Game Machine’s Brain/ Ic is Inserted via Solid Crystal Machine Fixing. The Binding Machine Proceeds to Enter the Function of the Game Console and the Test Rack is Used to Test the Board’s Game Functions. If There is a Defect Found These Are Removed to Be Repaired. Finally, the IC is Sealed With a Black Glue and Then Placed Within the Oven for High Temperature Fixing to Protect the Chip Inside. With This Process Done the Worker Plugs the Plug Into the PCBA and the Plug is Then Hardened and Affixed in a Furnace at Temperatures of Up to 260-300 Degrees. After This It Goes to the Cutting Area to Cut Off Any Leftover Material on the Plug-in and Then the PCBA is Polished Through the Automatic Tin Stove. To Complete the Process, the Microphone is Welded on.
  • Burn Program
The “Burn Program,” Refers to How We Input the Function of the Watch Into the PCBA Board, E.g. We “Burn” the Watch Tp Program and Software Program.
  • Inspection of the PCBA Board
The Proper Functioning of the PCBA Board is Tested by the Test Stand. During This Test All Workers Doing It Must Carry an Electrostatic Bracelet, So as to Reduce the Influence of Static Electricity on the Electronics Inside the Watch. When No Problem is Detected With the Assembly Unit is Put Into the Process and if There is a Problem the Maintenance Department is Called-upon to Inspect What Maintenance May Be Needed.


Internal Assembly: After All the Front Materials Are Read the Camera is Mounted on the Casing Card and Pressed in Tightly. Then the Double-sided Tape is Attached to the PCBA Board, With the Display Soldered on as Well as the Camera Being Soldered on. After the Welding, the Display of the Watch is Tested to Ensure the Screen Works and in Responsive. Should the Screen Not Work It is Repaired. The PCBA Board is Then Assembled Into the Shell and the Battery is Soldered in. Following This the Touch-screen is Assembled and More Double-sided Tape is Attached to Each Screw Post Followed by the Charging Test Being Conducted. At This Point the Internal Assembly of the Watch is Completed.
External Assembly: First the Buckle is Put Into the Strap and Then Put Into the Bottom Shell on the Silicone Strap, Followed the Shell of the Front and Rear Cabinets, Screwed-in, and the Capacitive Touch Screen is Attached (Which Requires an Ion Fan to Remove Dust). Next, a Series of Tests Are Carried Out.: the Charge Aging Test, the Finished Product Test, the Usb Line Storage Test, and So Forth. During These Tests Should Any Defects Occur in a Product It Will Be Picked-out of the Line for Repair. Finally, a Product That is Deemed to Meet Our Standards and Be Free of Any Defect Has a Protective Film Attached to Protect the Screen.


The Assembled Smart Watch Which Has Been Completed in the Production Department is Sent to the Packaging Department for the Final Steps. The Workers in the Packaging Department Will Check the Appearance of the Smart Watch to Ensure It is Correct Before They Put It Into a Blister Box. The Blister Box Itself is Made of PVC Material Which Holds the Weight of the Smart Watch Very Well. Next the Manual and Environmental Card is Put Into the Box, Which is Then Sealed. The Final Sealing and Warehousing is Then Carried Out After Everything Else!

7. Inspection , Shipping and After-Sale Feedback

This Batch of Goods is Intended to Be Sold on “Black Friday” and Christmas Day by This American Customer, So the Delivery Date is Quite Urgent. After the Production is Completed, the Customer Has Arranged a Third Party to Inspect the Goods.our Workers Have Rich Production Experience, and the Factory Has a Strict Quality Control Over Every Process. Even Though the Third Party Inspection is Very Strict, We Passed the Test Once and for All.
Our Cooperation With the Customer is FOB Shenzhen, So After Receiving the Balance Payment of the Order, We Arranged Customs Declaration and Shipping. The ODM Children’s Smartwatch Was Shipped by Air to the United States, So the Customer Soon Collected the Goods and Arranged to Sell Them. After the Customer and Our Business Feedback, the New Customized Watch Has Been Favored by More Consumers, the Sales Are Very Good, and We Will Carry Out a Re-order After Christmas to Prepare Goods.

8. Successful Customization of Children’s Smart Watch

The Best Customer Experience is What We Value Most.  Each of Our New Products Follows the Trend of the Market and the Feedback of Customers’ Demands. As a Manufacturer Focusing on Kids Smart Watch OEM & ODM for Many Years, We Are Able to Meet Different Customized Needs of Customers and Develop a Smart Watch for Children to Achieve Customer Satisfaction, So That Every Customer Cooperating With Us Can Occupy a Most Advantageous Advantage in Their Competitive Market. This is Just One of Our Odm Cases, Looking Forward to Build-up More Cooperation With You, and Continue to Share More Customized Kid Smart Watches OEM & ODM Cases .


With the Improvement of People’s Consumption Level, Most Parents Now Pay More and More Attention to Their Children’s Education and Safety. As a Result, the Children’s Toy Market Continues to Innovate With Strong Growth in All Aspects of Data, Including Kids Smart Watch. The Most Prominent Feature of Children’s Smartwatch is Its High Degree of Intelligence, and It Serves as a Bridge for Parents and Children to Learn and Communicate With Each Other. It is Able to Combine Learning With Fun, So It is Favored by Many Parents. However, in Order to Competing for This Potential Market, Some Kid Smart Watch Manufacturers Will Will Cut Corners to Produce Products, There is a Certain Lack of Safety and Quality; Agents May Also Drive Up Sales Prices. So the Big Challenge Right Now is to Figure Out Which Factories Are the Real Manufacturers, What Are the Conditions for a Good Children Smart Watch Manufacturer?
Next, Let’s Find a Trustworthy Electronic Toy Manufacturer.
1. Differences Between Smart Watch for Children Manufacturers and Agents
  • Website. The Kids Smart Watch Manufacturer’s Website is Usually Not Particularly Beautiful. Because They Focus on Products, Products Are Their Lifeblood, So They Do Not Often Carry Out Website Decoration, Product Design, Add New Functions, Etc. While the Agent’s Website is Different, Their Purpose is to Attract Customers, So They Will Make the Website Very Beautiful, Very Complex, and Change the Website Interface Frequently. They Do Not Need to Design and Produce Products, They Have More Time, and They Will Make Patterns on the Product Image, Through Various Image Processing Software to Make the Product Picture Especially Clear, Fresh, Color Can Make a Good Color Picture.
  • Products. For Development, the Vendors Will Continue to Develop New Products. Once They Have New Products, They Will Update Them on the Website as Soon as Possible, and the Products Will Be Updated Soon. Secondly, When Children Smart Watch Supplies Design New Products, Their Products Will Be Many Different Colors, Especially Clothing, Shoes and Other Wearable Products. Of Course, This Excludes Other Separate Commodity Categories; the Kids Smartwatch Agents Are Different. Their Websites Take a Long Time to Update Their Products. Some of Them Are Almost Unchanged and the Price is Definitely Higher Than the Manufacturer’s Website Price. When Two Websites Have the Same Product, Don’t Just Care About the Product Image, the Product Image Does Not See the Quality.
  • Service: Kids Smart Watch Vendors Usually Have a Better Service Attitude Than Agents. When We Look for Smart Watch Sources, We Need to Contact Customer Service Personnel to Ask About Product Quality, Materials and Other Sales Issues, on-site Customer Service Manufacturers Are Very Familiar With Their Products, Their Production, They Know All the Details About the Materials, Color and Quality. Agents Are Different, if You Ask Them Some Questions About the Goods, the Answer is Slower and Very Vague, Because They Do Not Know Much About the Products, Few Agents Will Take Back the Goods From the Factory From All the Details, and Then Upload It to the Site.
  • Certificates of Qualification. Most Kids Smart Watch Manufacturers Will Display Their Company’s Business License and Relevant Evidence on the Website, at the Bottom of the Contact : the Manufacturer Will Leave the Detailed Contact Address and Telephone Number on the Website. There Are No Online Shop Manufacturers, They Always Have Enough Inventory and Hope More Wholesalers to Wholesale. Agents Have Almost No Detailed Address, No Detailed House Number, They Are Afraid to Engage in Wholesale or Customer Activities, Even More Afraid of the Tax Bureau.
  • Contact : the Manufacturer Will Leave the Detailed Contact Address and Telephone Number on the Website. There Are No Online Shop Manufacturers, They Always Have Enough Inventory and Hope More Wholesalers to Wholesale. Agents Have Almost No Detailed Address, No Detailed House Number, They Are Afraid to Engage in Wholesale or Customer Activities, Even More Afraid of the Tax Bureau.
2. Requirements for Quality Kids Smart Watch Manufacturers
A Good Children Smart Watch Manufacturer’s Strengths Are Important, Such as Factory Standardization, Employee Size, Employee Benefits, and So on. Generally, the Size of the Factory Can Be Divided Into Three Types, Including Micro Factory, Medium Factory and Large Factory.

Factory Type

  1. Micro Factory: Most of Them Are Processing Plants, With the Number of Workers Ranging From 20 to 30. The Production Capacity is Relatively Weak, but the Flexibility and Regulation Have More Advantageous.
  2. Medium Factory: the Scale Will Be Relatively Large, With 5 Production Lines and 50-200 Workers. Have Their Own Products in Production and Will Be Processed.
  3. Large Factory: the Scale Will Be Large, With 200-500 Workers. Generally, There Will Be 10 Production Lines, Each of Which Can Accommodate 40 People. The Length of the Production Line is About 15-25 Meters.
The Large Kids Smart Watch Factory Manufacturer Can Meet the Demand for High Quantity and High Quality Products, It Can Perfectly Meet the Customer’s Demand for Timely Delivery. From the Hardware and Software Development of Children Smart Watches, to the Design of Molds, Small Batch Production Test to the Development of Operating Instructions and the Production Operation Training of Workers, They Can Ensure a Complete Set of Processes. The Whole Production Process is Under Control. Compared With Small and Medium-sized Manufacturers, Its Biggest Advantage is That the Delivery Date and Quality Control Are Excellent.

Factory Certification

The Kids Smart Watch Should Be Qualified for Export and Should Be Certified. It is Expected That Each Exporting Country Will Have a Corresponding National Certification System. This Enables Individuals to Obtain Information About the Manufacturer Through Their System Certification (for Example, the ICTI Plant Certification in the United States). It Means That Buyers in the United States and Europe Have Full Confidence in International “Third Party” Fair Organizations, Such as ITS, STR and SGS, to Conduct ICTI Audit and Manufacturer Certification.
Their Main Content Includes Salary, Child Labor, Occupational Health, Working Hours, Environmental Protection, Employee Interview, Safety Protection and So on. In Addition, Bsci is a Program That Requires Companies to Comply With Certification Requirements. The Company Shall Use the Bsci Monitoring System in the Production Plant to Continue to Improve the Standard Quality in Terms of Social Responsibility. Each Country and Industry Has a Variety of Certification Requirements.

Children Smart Watch Certification of the Factory

For the Kids Smartwacth Industry Product Certification, Different Countries Have Different Product Certification System. This is the Authentication Entity.
United States – FCC, UL, ASTM and American Society for Testing Materials.
Europe – CE, EN71, ROHS.
British – BEB, ASTA.
Germany – VDE and GS.
South Korea – KC.
Japan – PSE.
Singapore – PSB.
Malaysia – SIRIM.
For Example, Children’s Smart Watch is Applicable to Children. Every Country Has Very Strict Quality Requirements for This Product, and It Needs to Pass Some Verification Agencies to Check Whether Children’s Watches Meet the Standard. Therefore, Some Large Kids Smart Watch Vendors Will Have Some International Certifications, Such as RoHs, CE71 of the European Union, ASTM of the United States and So on.

Control of Kids Smart Watch Quality

Children Smart Watch Quality Control Focuses on the Sop Plant and Standard Operating Procedures. This Describes the Standard Operating System Process and Event Requirements in a More Uniform Format to Guide and Standardize Daily Operations. The Factory Has a Perfect Description of the SOP Steps for Each Station to Standardize and Train the Sop of the Workers. This is a Very Important Node to Help Keep Up With Product Quality. For Example, if the Education Smart Watch Must Be Produced, Standard Operating Procedures Are Always Provided During Initial Research and Development. It is Designed to Test Whether It Can Be Produced on a Production Line.
Number Process Equipment Management project Specifications and control Check / operate against Sampling number Management ACTS Management methods The quality records Exception handler Exception handling
1 Temporary storage of  warehouse parts Electronic says Inventory quantity Meet the requisition requirements Product protection and delivery control procedures Each batch of storage Warehouse operator The number of inventory Delivery note Buyer / storekeeper Isolation, return contact
2 Incomig inspection Multimeter Vernier caliper the test frame IQC inspection table Identification label confirmation Conform to BOM, specification drawing, engineering requirements Approved specification drawing Inspection specification BOM Each batch of incoming material IQC Instrument test Visually inspect sample comparison parameters IQC inspection report Supplier quality feedback report QA Manager Feedback procurement, PMC, engineering
3 SMD paste Paste machine Binding machine The test frame Component specifications Position direction In line with the PCBA standard Inspection specifications BOM Engineering change For the entire quantity LQC Visually inspect sample comparison parameters LQC inspection record The production team leader Feedback production leader
4 Manual plug-in Visual Component specifications location The direction of Conform to the sample Operating instruction BOM list of ingredients For the entire quantity LQC Visually inspect sample comparison parameters LQC inspection record The production team leader Feedback production leader
5 Of the tin Temperature tester Solder iron temperature location   Meet PCBA standard Operating instruction Once per hour The operator Visually inspect sample comparison parameters N/A The production team leader Feedback production leader
6 PCB inspection visual Assembly and welding process 1. Length of component foot 2.Short circuit 3. False welding   Operating instruction For the entire quantity QC inspectors Visually inspect sample comparison parameters N/A The production team leader Feedback production leader
7 Veneer detection The oscilloscope Test frame with ammeter   electrical function   Conform to the sample Meet the SPEC   Inspection work instruction For the entire quantity QC inspectors Test to confirm LQC inspection record Maintenance record   The production team leader Dispose according to nonconforming product control procedure
    8 Face / bottom check visual Shape to confirm There are no scratches or cracks on the surface and bottom shell. Poor ink injection, burr, spots, holes, etc   The sample Plastics inspection specification   For the entire quantity operators Visual confirmation N/A The production team leader Isolation, return contact
9 The assembly Electric group The wind of   Assembly process Electric test air test button strength   SOP compliant process SOP requirement   Operating instruction Once per hour operators The production team leader   Visual inspection NiuLi test   Button force test point checklist The production team leader Feed back  and fix it
10 Functional inspection of semi-finished products Corresponding matching instrument Appearance, electrical performance, function Conform to the sample Finished product inspection work instruction For the entire quantity LQC inspector Test to confirm LQC inspection record Maintenance record   QE/IE Batch stop line, individual bad analysis
11 Product testing Corresponding matching instrument Appearance, electrical performance, function Conform to the sample Finished product inspection work instruction For the entire quantity LQC inspector Test to confirm LQC inspection record Maintenance record   The quality manager Dispose according to nonconforming product control procedure
12 A visual inspection visual Shape to confirm The shell surface is unmarked Wounds, cracks, filaments   Visual inspection work instruction For the entire quantity LQC inspector visual LQC inspection record The quality manage Dispose according to nonconforming product control procedure
13 The finished product sampling Corresponding matching instrument Appearance, electrical performance, function Conform to the sample Finished product inspection work instruction For the entire quantity FQC inspector Test to confirm Finished product inspection record The quality manage Dispose according to nonconforming product control procedure
14 packaging visual Appearance, packing material and way, quantity In accordance with the sample and order Packing instruction Packing list   AQL 1.0 2.5   LQC inspector Visual confirmation LQC inspection record The quality manage Dispose according to nonconforming product control procedure
15 The product put in storage A cart Batch of qualified Inspection list of finished products,Seal and signature Production orders Each batch of storage Warehouse operator Product protection and delivery control procedures Finished product receipt Finished goods warehouse keeper Contact quality department and deal with it
16 Outgoing inspection of products Corresponding matching instrument Appearance, electrical performance, function Conform to the sample Finished product inspection work instruction AQL 1.0 2.5 OQC inspector Test to confirm Finished product inspection record Rework record   The quality manager Dispose according to nonconforming product control procedure

Each Kids Smart Watch Requires the Requirements and Standards of Each Process That Must Be Met Before Moving on to the Next Step.this is a Guarantee for the Quality of the Smart Watch. Children’s Smart Watches Go Through a Series of Ageing Tests to See How Safe the Watch is for Children.

File header Aging test standard Date  
In this control Than in the control
1.Purpose Develop this test standard to evaluate the resistance of toys to high temperatures during normal use, transportation or storage.

2. Scope of application Cartoon box finished products, color box finished products and unpackaged finished products or accessories.

3. Test instruments high temperature box: lumen can keep 57 + 3 °C high temperature fumace (135 +5 F ).

4. Test procedures

  • Number the sample plate for identification;
  • Check the appearance and function of the sample and record related problems;
  • Check the high-temperature fumace to see whether the temperature is kept within the required range;
  • Place the test sample in 57 + 3 ℃ high temperature fumace temperature for at least 48 h.
  • Taken out, the model will be placed in the temperature of 20 to 25 ℃, relative humidity within the 20-70% environment at least4 h.
  • Check the appearance and function of the sample.

(Note: the posture of the finished sample in the high-temperature furnace should be the posture of the sample in the simulation color box.)

5. Evaluate

The appearance and function of the sample shall be evaluated by comparing with the drawing board or relevant product specifications.

Note: TC-=(5tf-32)/9,TC is Celsius temperature;TF=9XTC/5+32. TF is Fahrenheit

Reference Guide for Selecting Supplies:

For Most Manufacturers, Cost is a Top Priority. However, Product Quality Should Be the Primary Factor in a Factory. When Selecting a Vendors, How Can We Safely Say That Their Quality Control is in Place? Now, Take a Look at Our Guide So You Know What Manufacturers Need for Good Quality Control.
(1) IQC (Incoming Quality Control)
This Process Involves Assessing the Kids Smart Watch of Parts and Materials Before Production Begins. Incoming Inspection Must Be Carried Out in Accordance With International Standards and We Will Certainly Think Twice if the Manufacturer Does Not Meet This Expected Level. The Longer You Spend in the Process, the Less Likely You Are to Find More Failures Later. It Allows You to Control Quality Even Before the First Impression and Initial Inspection.
(2) LQC (Production Line Quality Control)
This Process Takes Place in Actual Production and is a Very Important Time. This Point, Must Carry on the Quality Control. Good Manufacturers Will Carry Out Thorough Inspections at This Stage. This Not Only Checks the Functionality of the Product, but Also Ensures That Its Appearance Meets the Customer’s Standards. We Don’t Want to Do Anything for You Except the Best.
(3) FQC (Production Complete Quality Control)
This Critical Process is Carried Out by the Quality Department and Involves an Hourly Inspection After Quality Control of the Production Line, Always Following International Quality Inspection Standards. This Particular Spot Check Will Be Determined by the Criteria Selected by the Customer. To Redouble Efforts to Ensure Buyers Receive Their Money, Some Manufacturers Will Test Products to Higher Standards Than Those Specified by Customers.
(4) OQC (Factory Quality Control of Finished Products)
The FQC Started This Process Shortly After. Products Will Be Packaged and Checked Again to Comply With International Standards. The Scope of Inspection Needs to Ensure That the Product Package is Harmless and Does Not Pose Any Risk to Children and Their Health. This is a Crucial Step for Manufacturers to Take to Ensure That Each of Their Kids Smart Watches Are Safe for Consumers. As a Company, It is Your Responsibility to Ensure That All Items Leaving the Factory Are Not in Danger. Even a Slight Oversight Could Put Your Buyer at Great Risk. Never Lose Sight of the Importance of Quality Control, Which Can Make or Break Your Business. When the Oqc is Complete (and, of Course, Once Passed), a Qualified Quality Inspection Report Can Be Generated. However, There Are Other Steps That Can Be Taken.
(5) IPQC (Patrol Inspection)
In Addition to the Above Process, Vendors of the Kids Smart Watch With Excellent Quality Control Will Also Adopt Ipqc, Also Known as Input Process Quality Control. This Involves Conducting Circuit Inspections Among the Staff, Which Can Prove to Be Particularly Effective. This Step is Important to Ensure That Workers Do Their Work Correctly. Human Error Can Lead to Many Defects in the Product.
Read the Figure Below Carefully for a Better Understanding of the Quality Control Process.
Better Product Quality Can Be Guaranteed if the Children Smart Watch Suppliers Follow All of the Above. In Addition, It is Worth Noting That the Inspections Were Conducted in Accordance With the Official International Standard AQL. Read the Figure Below Carefully for a Better Understanding of the Quality Control Process.
Quality Control is a Vital Part of Any Manufacturing Process. If Ignored, It Will Produce Defective Products, Which Will Not Only Cause Dissatisfaction With Customers, but Also Cause Huge Losses to the Company. With Inspections Like Ours, You Can Increase Customer Loyalty and Achieve Overall Positive Branding. You Are Less Likely to Face a Recall to Make Your Business Run Better. If the Kids Smart Watch Manufacturers Invest a Lot of Money in Quality Control, You Know They Have the Best Interests at Heart. The Vendors of Kids Smart Watch Can Develop Quality Control Plans, Procedures, and Send Workers to Training and Awareness Programs. In the Long Run, This Will Improve the Manufacturer’s Performance Rating and Subsequent Success.
The Above Tips Will Guide You to Determine the Most Suitable Electronic Toy Manufacturers in China. The Choice of a Top Manufacturer Minimizes the Number of Failures in Production and Final Products. The Answers Provided Should Enable You to Ensure That You Are Best Able to Find the Most Effective Children Smart Watch That Will Fully Meet the Needs of the Customer’s Children and Give You Great Satisfaction.