Auchan Custom Mini Retro Arcade CT-882B

About Us and Our Work With Auchan We are a children’s electronic toy company with more than 10 years of experience in OEM&ODM, with a focus on the research, development, and manufacturing of game consoles, children’s smartwatches, and children’s cameras. We have a professional manufacturing process with the result being high-quality products matched only in

2019 Portuguese Supermarket Chain OEM Mini Arcade and Kids Smart Watch

As China continues to expand its business practice and open-up more and more to the outside world, it not only makes our planet metaphorically smaller and closer, it also brings more opportunities for cooperation in economic practice and trade between China and other countries. Shenzhen Cheertone Technology co., LTD. is a toy manufacturer specializing in

How to Complete a German Standard Order

Introduction to the Process Children’s electronic toys can have different standards and requirements in different countries. These can vary in how strict they are. For example, there are international standards: ISO 8121, IEC63115, There also are European regulations: EN71, EN50088, EN62115. China: GB6675, GB 19865, GB 5296, and GB9832. Plus there is Australia: AS, NZS,

Vintage Mini Arcade CT-881X Customization

Introduction: The Rise of the Mini-Arcade Retro Market There are currently two trends in the console market that are readily evident when one examines what is currently popular: A rebirth of nostalgia and an increase in miniaturization. When Nintendo’s NES Mini and SNES Mini came out, they were two small retro-themed consoles that were extremely

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Terms such as GB, GBA, PSP,SG-1000 and NDS may be familiar to some of our old customers, but still unknown to our new ones. In additon ,We’re often asked questions revolving around these words,  both online or at exhibitions.In fact, They are the name of the classic console developed by Sega, Nintendo and SONY, three