• Kids Camera Manufacturers CTP2
  • Kids Camera Manufacturers CTP2
  • Kids Camera Manufacturers CTP2
  • Kids Camera Manufacturers CTP2
  • Kids Camera Manufacturers CTP2
  • Kids Camera Manufacturers CTP2
  • Kids Camera Manufacturers CTP2
  • Kids Camera Manufacturers CTP2
  • Kids Camera Manufacturers CTP2
  • Kids Camera Manufacturers CTP2
  • Kids Camera Manufacturers CTP2
  • Kids Camera Manufacturers CTP2
  • Kids Camera Manufacturers CTP2
  • Kids Camera Manufacturers CTP2
  • Kids Camera Manufacturers CTP2
  • Kids Camera Manufacturers CTP2
  • Kids Camera Manufacturers CTP2
  • Kids Camera Manufacturers CTP2
  • Kids Camera Manufacturers CTP2
  • Kids Camera Manufacturers CTP2

Kids Digital Camera CT-P2

The most classical kids smart camera toy designed by cheertone. With game console control design, support wholesale, oem, odm customization service.
  • Kids Camera Manufacturers CTP2
  • Kids Camera Manufacturers CTP2
  • Kids Camera Manufacturers CTP2
  • Kids Camera Manufacturers CTP2
  • Kids Camera Manufacturers CTP2
  • Kids Camera Manufacturers CTP2
  • Kids Camera Manufacturers CTP2
  • Kids Camera Manufacturers CTP2
  • Kids Camera Manufacturers CTP2
  • Kids Camera Manufacturers CTP2

1.The Detailed Information

Sensor Element Type CMOS
Game 25 Puzzle Games
Screen 2.4 Inch IPS Screen 320 x 240 Input / Output USB Port
Colors Blue, Pink, Customized UI theme 6 Kinds
Camera Front and Rear Camera 2.0MP Storage Support Class 10 SD Card, Up to 8GB ~ 32GB
Image Resolution Full HD (1920×1080) Battery 600mah Lithium Battery
File Format Photos JPEG, Video AVI Support Built-in Can Take 50 Photos
Special Features Photo, Video, Music Player, Games Etc Language English / German, French / Spanish /  Italian / Portuguese /  Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / Japanese /  Russian /  Thai

2.Packing Specification Information

Product Weight About 236g Quantity 20PCS / CTN
Product Size 13.5 * 8 * 4.5cm Carton 37 * 32 * 32cm
Package Gift Box Package N.W. 4.72kgs
Color Box 17.5 * 15 * 5cm G.W. 5.5kgs


Detailed Product Description

When you view the world through the eyes of a child (any and every child), then the world is novel, colorful, and beautiful. Sadly these moments can be fleeting, but with our small children’s camera kids can record these wonderful bits and pieces of life whether it is everyday fun with friends or time spent in nature relaxing. Our children’s camera is tailored specifically for kids yet it still sports some exceptionally powerful features. Using a 2.4-inch IPS screen the picture which is displayed is very clear and does not take-up too much power. The camera also has 25 very interesting games within it, which gives the children even more entertainment to keep them interested and engaged. In addition, this mini camera actually comes with a front-facing camera as well as a rear-facing camera (two total) which allows selfies that can be taken right away or with a timer–plus 20 cute frames and 4 filters to make pictures look even more exciting and fun! With a 600mAH rechargeable battery it is easy to travel without having to worry about recharging the camera anytime soon–it is great to trips visiting far-away friends, family, or exploring exotic sights. This mini camera can be sold in tourist shopping malls, children’s toy stores, in bookstores, and is a well worth a child possessing and treasuring!

  • Front & Rear Dual Coms Camera
  • 8mp (Another Version is 0.3mp)
  • 2.4″ IPS Screen
  • 25 Licensed Puzzle Games (Another Version is 3 Games)
  • Photography
  • Video Recording
  • Music Player
  • Multiple Photo Frames

Out Rating: ★★★★★

(1) Compared with the Kidizoom Duo children’s camera, this mini camera is even more cute and fun in its appearance. At around 110g it is also more suitable for the smaller hands of children so that they can easily take photos. It is also equipped with a rope, which can be hung around a child’s neck so that they do not have to worry about losing the camera whenever they are traveling about. In addition, the packaging is adorable and eye-catching, with a box design that opens-up with skylight so that children can see inside the box to the camera and get excited about owning it!

(2) It is designed with easy to operate functions. By following the patterns displayed on the screen children can easily use it.

The camera has the front and rear cameras, with a 200 megapixel front lens and a 300 megapixel rear lens. This results in any picture taken by the camera being full of texture and quite clear. Because the camera has a flash function as well it can take photos in a dark environment too.

(3) The camera has 20 cute and funny photo frames plus 4 filters, as well as the powerful function of a 4x zoom, which can enlarge something in the distance that would otherwise look small for better shooting. It also comes loaded with 25 interesting games which keeps the camera interesting and engaging for kids.

(4) With a 2.4 Inch IPS large screen this is stellar compared with other children’s cameras on the market. The picture is very clear, the power consumption of the screen is reduced, and the emitted light is carefully done so as to not cause eye strain or damage to the children’s eyes.

(5) The camera has a built-in memory which can hold 50 photos and with a memory card can be expanded to 32GB of memory–quite a lot!

(6) Comparing with the Kidizoom Duo, the children’s camera is cheap, but still of the highest quality and full of amazing functions.

Main Accessories/Parts/Elements

(1) PCBA board.

(2) 2.4-inch IPS display screen (including PVC lens).

(3) The speaker.

(4) The microphone.

(5) 2 cameras.

(6) USB cable.

(7) 600mAH rechargeable battery.

(8) ABS plastic casing.

(9) The flash.

(10) Accessories.

(11) The colorful packaging box.

Product Feature


1.Photography, Video recording, Music player, and Multiple photo frames, Let children discover more beautiful and Interesting things in the ordinary world.
2.25/3 licensed puzzle games relax kids’ physical activity and develop their brains.

The Production Process

1. Pre-Production Process (Material Procurement and Quality Control)

The first thing we do is purchase our needed materials which we will use in the production of the manual, plastic, USB cable, and the packaging boxes. We want to ensure all of these materials are in strict accordance with International environmental standards so we are sure to purchase everything only from trusted suppliers who we have cooperated with for years to acquire only the best materials. Once we have all of our materials we hand them over to the Quality Control (QC) department which inspects all incoming materials. This means the manual is looked-at to be sure it is accurate, the packaging is checked for rips or tears, and the camera is inspected for any damage. Our QC department is extremely strict and works hard to find any potential problems, which if detected result in the material not being put on the production line–only after QC is sure the materials meet expectations are they given to the production department.

2. Main Production

(1) ABS Plastic Case

The color of the camera is first selected according to the International color number. After this, the prepared ABS material is poured into the injection molding machine (with the camera mold) where it dissolves at the high temperature. After 2 through 3 hours the indicator light upon the injection molding machine will light-up, and this indicates that the case of the camera has been produced and needs to be removed from the injection molding machine. As the temperature of the watch shell is extremely high it must be cooler by cold water so as to better fix the shape of the case. After it has been cooled the trim is cut and smoothed around the casing so as to ensure there is nothing sharp or pointed which can scratch a child.

(2)PCBA Board

The initial step is how the purchased motherboard (after being checked by QC) is sent to the SMT department and some small electronic materials are attached to the PCBA board via the placement machine and affixed by the reflow oven. Then, the game machine’s brain IC goes through solid crystal machine fixing. The next step is how the function of the game console functions are entered through the binding machine. Following this a test rack is used to test the board’s game function–should there be a defect found in a product it is picked-out for repair. As a final step, the IC is sealed with black glue which protects the chip inside and placed in the oven for high temperature fixing. With these processes done the workshop employee will plug the plug-in right into the PCBA which then has the plug hardened and fixed in a furnace of temperatures of up to 260-300 degrees. The next step is how the cutting area is used to cut off the leftover material of the plug-in, and the polish of the PCBA through the automatic tin stove is done. Lastly, the microphone is welded on. This PCBA board contains two IC and antennas as well, one is an intercom IC and the other is a function IC.

(3) Burning Program

The camera’s functions are input into the PCBA board via burning the camera’s software program.

(4) Inspection of the PCBA Board

The function of the PCBA board is tested at the test stand. During this test workers must carry an electrostatic bracelet so as to reduce the influence that static electricity may have on the electronics inside the watch. Once it is found that the motherboard has not problems the assembly unit is sent over to the assembly department. Should there be a problem however, then the maintenance department is called to inspect it and repair it as needed.

3. Assembly

Once all the materials in the front are prepared the front and rear cameras are soldered on as well as the flash and speaker to the motherboard. Then double-sided tape is attached to the PCBA board (and the FPC cable for fixing the camera). Then the display screen is connected to the motherboard via the attached FPC socket on the motherboard, and the PCBA board is tested after the soldering process. Should there be any sign of a defect it will be sent to the maintenance department for repair. Next, the PCBA board which has been soldered is assembled with its outer casing a button. After this assembly the finished product is tested and anything that has a defect is picked-out and repaired.

4. Packaging

The assembled machine is sent to the packaging department where workers check its appearance before putting it into the blister box. The bliseter box is made of PVC material, a material which can hold the weight of the game machine very well. Then the manual and environmental card are inserted into the box and finally it is packed and sealed. The final sealing and warehousing is carried out after all of these steps.

Camera Operation

Using the Camera Itself

(1) If the joystick is moved to the left that turns flash on and off, taking a photo is done by moving it to the right, and the photo frames can be changed by moving it to the left as well.

(2) Pressing the joystick up for a long period of time zooms the lens in and pressing the joystick down for a period of time zooms the lens out.

Using the Album

(1) Moving the joystick up deletes a photo.

(2) Moving the joystick down deletes all photos.

Other Functions

(1) Pressing the home button will return to the home page.

(2) OK confirms a selection.

Factors That Influence Children’s Camera Selection

(1) Bright colors and a cute cartoon appearance.

(2) The camera is small, light, and easy to carry.

(3) It is straightforward to use and easy for children to get familiar with.

(4) It is durable.

(5) The pixel-count is high, resulting in a clear and crisp picture.

Product Accessories & Installation

1. Flash Light
2. Rear Lens
3. Shot cut button
4. Photo Button
5. Front lens(1080P, 8/0.3 Mega Pixel)
6. Photo/ video Switch Button
7. Arrow Button
8. Indicator light
9. OK Button
10. Speaker
11. Microphone
12. Power & Exit Button
13. Home Button
14. Reset/ USB/TF

Product Details

Bring Your Own Photo Scene, Make a Fun Childhood Style

Twenty Five Puzzle Games, Developing Children’s Intelligence

User Manual* 1
Color Box 1
Kids Camera”1
USB Charge Cable”1

About Our Services

(1) About Our Factory: We are a children’s toy manufacturer with over 16 years of experience. We have the certifications of ICTI, BSCI, Disney and CE, ROHS, ASTM and so on.

(2) About Our Transaction Capabilities: We are able to support T/T, PayPal, L/C, and other methods of payment.

(3) About Our Shipping and Transportation: We can support shipping via EXW and FOB Shenzhen, are capable of air shipping utilizing DHL, UPS, FedEx (and more), and can do ground shipping as well.

(4) About Our Delivery Dates: If a product be in stock, it is generally deliverable within 7 days. If it is an OEM & ODM product, delivery is generally 30-45 days after the deposit is received.

(5) About Our Warranty: Our warranty period is generally between six months and a full year. If there be any problem with the quality of our products we will provide repairs or a replacement as needed.