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Kids Smart Camera Watch Supplier CTW6

Item No.: CTW6
Description Review

Kids Smart Camera Watch CTW6

1.The Detailed Information

Product Name Kid’s Smart Watch Internal Memory 128 MB
Screen 1.44 Inch Touch Screen (128 x 128) Camera 0.3/2 MP,90° Rotating
Picture Resolution 640 x 480/1600 x 1200 File Format Photos JPEG, Video AVI
Video Resolution 320 x 240 or 160 x 120 Pixel @ 15 FPS Built-in 3 Games Whack a Mole, Card Flipping, Musical Instrument
Colors Pink, Blue, Customized Battery 400 Mah Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Exterior ABS Plastic Support Upload Pictures and Video
Strap Silicone TF card Maximum Memory Expansion 32GB
Function Timer, Alarm Clock, Pedometer, Calendar, Games, Voice etc UI theme 7 Kinds
Photo and Video Frame 15 + 3 Filters Accessories Watch * 1, Manual * 1, USB Data Cable * 1
Video Recording Time Record 12-15 Minutes at a Time

2. Packing Specification Information

Product Weight About 133g Quantity 48 PCS/CTN
Product Size 8.4 * 8 * 5.8cm Carton 23.6 * 46.8 * 39.7cm
Package Gift Box Package N.W. 6.4kgs
Color Box 11.2 * 3.8 * 19 cm G.W. 7kgs

Rating: 5 Stars

(1) This smart watch is designed for children and suitable for youth aged 3-12 years old to wear and play with. It is miniaturized to fit well on little arms and has an interesting appearance. It contains some powerful functions and is very popular with children as well as their parents.

(2) The watch has a miniaturized and appealing look with a cute cartoon sticker and an outer casing with color that can be OEM & ODM. In addition, the packaging is eye-catching with a cylindrical design box which features a clear window/sunroof which allows children to peer-in and look at it.

(3) The watch is very easy to operate, with one main button and a switch that can be used to return to the main interface.

(4) There are 10 cartoon themed timetables and penguin-themed time readings within the watch. These help to develop a child’s awareness of time and exercise their expression of language regarding time from an early age.

(5) There are 3 puzzle games within the smart watch, including a hamster-themed game, picture lining-up and musical instruments. These games are great for developing hand-eye coordination in children and highly enjoyable for kids.

(6) The smart watch is also set up to do voice recording, video, and other functions. Up to about 1200 pictures can be shot and 10 minutes of video can be recorded. It is like your child is a little photographer or film director, enjoying the fun moments of life!

(7) With a battery of 600mAH it can be played for up to 4 hours without a charge and then needs to only charge for 2 hours to have a full battery again.

(8) Finally, the previously mentioned camera can rotate at 90 degrees, with a pixel quality of 300,00. It has a self-timer function just like the kind on mobile phones and the picture quality is very clear. When children are out in nature or having fun with friends this makes the smart watch great for taking pictures of their happy times!

(9) Compared to the watches produced by another famous toy supplier VTech, this watch has a large price advantage while also still having high-quality functions and being sturdy–to put it simply, the watch is cheaper but it is not, “Cheap!”

This children’s smart watch is different from other telephone-linked ones. It is designed with education in mind and that makes it a stellar gift for parents who want to give their children a piece of technology but know it is focused on learning. With such a large market space for smart watches such as this it is a fantastic commodity to purchase and sell.

Product Function

Wearable Camera, to Capture the Beautiful Moment With a Simple Click.

Touch Screen Support 3 Educational Games and Widget of Knowing Time.

A Talking Hippo. Touch Different Parts of Its Body, It Will Give Different Actions.

Various Digital and Analog Clock Face, Alarm, Timing Etc.

Every Child Can Be the Best Recorder and Detector of Their Daily Life.

To Take Photos All Angles


A Talking Hippo is Able to Record 10 Seconds, Voice Distorted and Repeat What You Said. Touch Different Parts of Its Body, It Will Give Different Actions.

Interesting and Useful to Record Everything Important or You Wanto Even Without Pen and Notebook.


Different Clock Face to Teach Kids Learning Time in English. Alarm,countdown,stopwatch Function Etc.

Clock Manager Will Read Out the Expression of Every Point of the Time,
Teach Kids to Learn Time. (Accurate to Minutes)



Build-in 3 educational games to kill time at leisure. To develop kids’
ability of logical thinking and hand-eye coordination.

Price of Our Kid’s Smart Watch

Wowatch is Entirely Researched and Produced by Our Company. and We Guarantee the First-hand Sources. Not Only the Price Advantage, quality Also Can Be Guaranteed.

High sensitive touch screen freely switch among all functions
A click and slide, very easy and quick to enjoy all functions, to capture splendid moments.


Connect to PC
Connect to Pc Upload Photos and Videos

Rechargeable Battery
With Build-in Rechargeable Battery, Standby UP to 15 Days

Splashproof and Sweatproof
With Splashproof and Sweatproof, Avoid to Put the Watch in Water and in Shower.

                     Product Details

                       1. Home button
                       2. Mic
                       3. Master power switch
                       4. Shutter button
                       5. 1.5” touch screen
                       6. Speaker
                       7. Camera
                       8. Micro USB port

Main Features

(1) PCBA board.
(2) 1.44-inch TFT color screen.
(3) Touch screen.
(4) The speaker.
(5) Microphone.
(6) Camera.
(7) 600mAH rechargeable battery.
(8) ABS plastic casing.
(9) The silicone strap.
(10) USB cable (with power supply and download functions).
(11) Colorful boxes as the packaging.

How it Functions

First, the software program of the watch as well as the program of the TP touch screen are burned within the watch and turned-on via a switch. This switch is the control for the power/the power-switch. Lastly, the main program software is programmed into the CPU which controls the data, and this data is transmitted to each above-mentioned terminal (the software program and TP touch screen) to start the functioning.

The Production Process

1. Material Acquisition and Pre-Production

The first step is purchasing the materials we will need to make the manual, the plastic elements of the smart watch, the USB cable, the silicone strap, and the packaging boxes. We ensure these are all in strict accordance with every environmental standard by purchasing from trusted suppliers we can rely on to sell us quality materials. Once we have everything needed we transfer these purchased materials to the Quality Control (QC) department for inspection of all incoming materials. Everything is looked at from the manual which is examined to be sure the product directions are correct to the packaging box, so as to know it is not easily ripped or damaged. The camera is closely looked at too so that we can be sure it will work effectively. Our QC department makes sure everything meets our high standards and anything judged to be below our desired level of quality is not placed on the production line. Only once QC has examined something and approved it will it move to the production department.

2. Main Production Process

(1)ABS Plastic Case

Once the color has been selected for the watch case according to the International color number, the ABS material is prepared and then poured within the injection molding machine with a watch mold in place. It dissolves at a high temperature and forms the needed mold. After between 2 and 3 hours the indicator light of the injection molding machine will activate, thereby indicating that the case of the watch has been successfully produced and needs to be removed from the machine. This temperature of the watch shell is generally very high, so it needs to be cooled within cold water to make sure the shape of the case is permanent. Once cooling is done, the case’s trim is cut and smoothed to be sure no sharp edges are present which could scratch children.

(2) PCBA Board

First, the purchased motherboard (which QC has inspected) is sent to the SMT department where the placement machine attaches the needed small electronic materials and can fix them via a reflow oven. Then the game machine’s brain/ IC is inserted via solid crystal machine fixing. The binding machine proceeds to enter the function of the game console and the test rack is used to test the board’s game functions. If there is a defect found these are removed to be repaired. Finally, the IC is sealed with a black glue and then placed within the oven for high temperature fixing to protect the chip inside. With this process done the worker plugs the plug into the PCBA and the plug is then hardened and affixed in a furnace at temperatures of up to 260-300 degrees. After this it goes to the cutting area to cut off any leftover material on the plug-in and then the PCBA is polished through the automatic tin stove. To complete the process, the microphone is welded on.

(3) Burn Program

The “Burn program,” refers to how we input the function of the watch into the PCBA board, e.g. we “Burn” the watch TP program and software program.

(4)Inspection of the PCBA Board

The proper functioning of the PCBA board is tested by the test stand. During this test all workers doing it must carry an electrostatic bracelet, so as to reduce the influence of static electricity on the electronics inside the watch. When no problem is detected with the assembly unit is put into the process and if there is a problem the maintenance department is called-upon to inspect what maintenance may be needed.

3. Assembly

Internal Assembly: After all the front materials are read the camera is mounted on the casing card and pressed in tightly. Then the double-sided tape is attached to the PCBA board, with the display soldered on as well as the camera being soldered on. After the welding, the display of the watch is tested to ensure the screen works and in responsive. Should the screen not work it is repaired. The PCBA board is then assembled into the shell and the battery is soldered in. Following this the touch-screen is assembled and more double-sided tape is attached to each screw post followed by the charging test being conducted. At this point the internal assembly of the watch is completed.

External Assembly: First the buckle is put into the strap and then put into the bottom shell on the silicone strap, followed the shell of the front and rear cabinets, screwed-in, and the capacitive touch screen is attached (which requires an ion fan to remove dust). Next, a series of tests are carried out.: the charge aging test, the finished product test, the USB line storage test, and so forth. During these tests should any defects occur in a product it will be picked-out of the line for repair. Finally, a product that is deemed to meet our standards and be free of any defect has a protective film attached to protect the screen.

4. Packaging

The assembled smart watch which has been completed in the production department is sent to the packaging department for the final steps. The workers in the packaging department will check the appearance of the smart watch to ensure it is correct before they put it into a blister box. The blister box itself is made of PVC material which holds the weight of the smart watch very well. Next the manual and environmental card is put into the box, which is then sealed. The final sealing and warehousing is then carried out after everything else!


1 pc / PVC tray + Gift box (25*12*8cm(about))
40 pcs / Carton ( 50.2*43.5*52cm (about)/’)
N.W. / G.W.: 9.5kgs/10.25kgs
20’FCL: 13704pcs
40’FCL: 28392 pcs
40’HQ: 33288pcs

The Main Influencing Factors in Choosing a Children’s Watch

(1) A cute, miniaturized, and colorful appearance

(2) Safety and good performance

(3) Interesting and fun functions

(4) Battery life that is satisfactory


Cleaning the Smart Watch

1. Strap Cleaning

The strap is made of silica gel and therefore can be stained with skin-oils or other dirty materials. It can be easily cleaned with a small amount of vinegar or detergent/dish soap and then dried with a towel.

2. Screen Cleaning

When the screen has specks or stains using a paper towel or soft cloth dampened with a bit of water to wipe it gently should clean it effectively, and then a dry cloth should be used to dry it off.

3. Charging Port Cleaning

The charging port can rust without proper care, which can result in poor charging contact or leakage problems. To correct this issue you can wipe the rusted port with some rubbing-alcohol on a brush or cotton cloth until the metal contacts return to being a golden yellow, and then dry them with a paper towel or cloth towel. Always be sure the charging port is dry before trying to use it.

1.Click quickly when a mole comes out to develop kids’ hand-eye coordination.
2.Click the same card to recover to the original position. With this game, to develop kids’ ability of logical thinking and planning.
3.Click the instruments to the music.

Our Services

(1) About Our Factory: We are a well-known children’s toy manufacturer with 16 years of experience. We have the certification of ICTI, BSCI, Disney and EN71, CE, EMC and other products.

(2) About Our Transaction Capabilities: We are able to support T/T, PayPal, L/C, in addition to other payment methods.

(3) About Our Shipping and Transportation: We are the ability to support shipping via EXW and FOB Shenzhen in addition to air transportation from DHL, UPS, FedEx, and more, plus we utilize ground shipping.

(4) About Our Delivery Dates: Our products in stock are generally available for delivery within 7 days or less. Should a product be OEM & ODM our delivery window is generally 30-45 days after we have received a deposit.

(5) About Our Warranties: The warranty period for our products varies between six months and a year. Should there be a quality problem during this time period we guarantee we will repair or replace it.

About Cheertone

Shenzhen Cheertone Technology co., ltd., established in 2004, is an enterprise integrating product research and development, design, product ,sales and service, with more than 16 years of OEM&ODM experience. 

The company adheres to the principle of respecting the contract, keeping the reputation, taking customer value as the center, mutually beneficial and win-win with the upstream and downstream supply chain, from the first user experience research and innovation of new products, adhere to the concept of quality improvement.


With our professional services, rich R&D experience committed to the development of children’s electronic toy products, to provide customers with children’s electronic toy solutions. Strive to produce high quality children's electronic toy products, become the creator of children's happiness.


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