The customer has their own brand and character, the product developed as a customer’s brand the character.

Molds :
The customer provides 3D files to us for molding tooling making. We charge the cost of the mold. The molds belong to a customer, only can be used for this customer. We delivered samples for customer’s confirmation in T1, T2, T3 until the customer confirms the final samples.

Software :
Language changed, we provided the text and the customer provided the translation. Our software engineer department will make the software as customer’s provided files. The software solution(The frame of software can’t be changed, only pictures, words, languages can be changed). After software finished and delivered to the customer’s confirmation until final confided.

Customers provide color box requirements, we make the color box as the customer’s guide.After many times adjustment , we finally did a best color box for customer.

Above all, 100K order is the best certified.