Mini Arcade Machine

Classic Mini Arcade​ Suppliers CT882X

Item No.: CT882X
1. Bit: 16 bit
2. Screen: 2.8″ TFT screen
3. Battery: 3*AA battery(not included)
4. Game: 220 legal games built in
5. Material: ABS plastic
6. Color: black, customized
Description Review

Detailed information

TF card Not supported(Not included)
Joystick 1 Joystick (Detachable)
Certificates CE, ROHS, EN71, EMC
Accessories Game console *1, Manual *1, Color box *1

Package specifications

Product Weight About 250g Quantity 20PCS / CTN
Product Size 8.5*9.5*15cm Carton 54*23*42cm
Package Gift Box Package N.W. 5kgs
Color Box 10.4*10.4*20.5cm G.W. 5.8kgs

Detailed product description

This 16-bit classic retro game console is an upgraded version of the CT-882B. It has a very classic/vintage and cool look, as well as featuring an all-in-one design which makes it a stellar mini-version of a large arcade which is extremely popular with retro fans. Its packaging utilizes the skylight design which allows fans to look inside the packaging and admire the, "Look," of the game console. In addition, it utilizes a 2.8-inch color screen which is bright and clear so as to not strain or hurt the eyes of players. It also includes a detachable fully-functional joystick and highly sensitive and responsive game buttons which thanks to how effective they are make games even more fun to play. On the back of the console it has its power switches, speaker, and battery compartments. It comes with 222 built-in games ranging from ones of characters fighting their way through cities to relaxing puzzle games--there is something for people of all ages to experience the fun of playing!

Main Product Components

(1) PCBA board (1 motherboard and 1 sub-board which includes the CPU and memory).

(2) TFT 2.8-inch color screen.

(3) ABS plastic case.

(4) The speaker.

(5) Three AA batteries (lithium batteries are supported as well).

(6) The colorful box everything comes packaged in.

The production process

1. Pre-Production Preparation: Material Procurement and Material QC Inspection

Before anything is produced we purchase the materials needed. This includes the materials for the manual, plastic, and packaging boxes--all of which are made sure to be in strict accordance with environmental standards. We have many years of cooperation and experience with trust suppliers who we have verified meet these standards. Once we have our needed materials we turn them over to our QC (quality control) department for inspection of all incoming materials. For example, with the manual we will verify the information is correct, and in regards to the packaging box we will make sure it is not weak or easily damaged, and so forth. Our QC department is extremely thorough and makes sure all incoming materials meet our strict requirements. Should any problems be detected these materials will never be placed upon the production line, but instead put aside so as to be brought to the attention of our supplier so any errors can be fixed. Only after a material has been examined and qualified by QC will it be put into production.

2. Production

(1) Plastic Case

The plastic case of the game arcade is produced via a medium-sized injection molding machine which utilizes the raw material of ABS plastic. Because this material has excellent impact strength it excels at protecting the internal components inside the game machine in addition to having good stability and wear resistance--this casing will not be easily damaged!

Firstly, we order the raw materials (as discussed above) and then we install the mold of the game machine casing onto the injection molding machine for debugging. As long as there is no problem discovered after debugging the color is selected according to the International color number. This then brings up to the plastic injection itself.

The prepared ABS material is poured into the injection molding machine for high-temperature melting. After about 2-3 hours the model of the casing is affixed and the indicator light of the injection molding machine will light-up. At this point, the casing has cooled enough to be taken off the machine--the temperature is still very high however, so it must be cooled by cold water so as to better hold the shape of the case. After cooling, the trim is cut and smoothed around the casing to ensure no sharp edges. Finally, the completed case is sent to QC for inspection to meet sure it meets our safety requirements. After being inspected (and assuming it meets all our requirements) it is then sent back to the production department for further assembly.

(2) PCBA board

First, the purchase motherboard is sent to the SMT department at which point the small electronic materials needed for functioning are attached to the PCB board via placement machine and affixed by a reflow oven. Then, the game machine's brain CPU is put through solid crystal machine bonding. Next, the functional aspects of the game machine are put through a binding machine before a test rack is used to check the board's game function. Should there be a defect with any they will be picked-out for repair. Finally, any that are functioning properly have the CPU sealed with black glue and placed in the oven for high-temperature fixing to seal and protect the chip inside. This is important as the PCBA board holds all the main functions of the game console.

3. The assembly 

The internal assembly: First, the workshop worker inserts the plug-in into the PCBA board, the plug is then hardened and attached in a furnace at temperatures up to 260-300.Then the product goes to the cutting area to cut off the leftover material of the plug-in, and polish the PCBA through the automatic tin stove. After that, the speaker and the positive and negative aluminum sheets of the battery, the main board and the sub-board (connected by the FPC cable) are all welded. Finally, a worker performs a PCBA board function test as well as a button test.


The external assembly: After the front part of the game machine has been assembled, we insert the buttons and other parts into the case. We then close the lid and screw it tightly closed. Next, we install the battery so as to test the machine, and stick the external stickers on it after everything tests as correct. Finally there is one last inspection in production to make sure everything is 100% correct, with QC double-checking the complete game machine to be sure it meets all requirements to function perfectly for the customer If there are any problems, they will be reported to the production department immediately to work at a reduction of errors. After all the correctly-produced machine are verified to have no problems, the game console will be sent to the packaging department for packaging.


4. Packaging 

This process begins by having the game machine that was assembled in the production department and verified to meet all the requirements being sent to the packaging department. Once it is there the workers check the appearance of the game machine before putting it into the blister box. The blister box is made of PVC material, which can hold the weight of the game machine very well and rarely breaks or tears. Workers then insert the manual and the environmental card into the box, and finally pack and seal it. The final sealing and warehousing is then carried out after all the steps of packaging have been examined and confirmed to have been done correctly.

Game Console Testing Steps

(1) Insert the Three AA batteries.

(2) Click the OPEN button to enter the operation screen.

(3) Press and hold the A and B buttons while booting, then press the START button followed by the RESET button to enter the program for testing features such as button sensitivity and other features!

How to extend the life of a game console

(1) Take out the battery when you are not playing the game console--this will avoid any corrosion of the battery inside the console which could damage it.

(2) Place the console in a room with proper ventilation and a stable temperature to prevent the electronic components inside from being damaged by excessive heat, cold, or moisture.

(3) Don't put the console in a place with a lot of dust, or else it can get into the speaker and negatively impact the sound.

(4) If the console's case/shell gets a stain on it a moist paper towel can always be wiped upon it so as to clean it off.


Our service guarantee

(1) About our factory: We are a children's toy manufacturer with 16 years of experience. Our factory has passed ICTI, BSCI and Disney inspection. Our products have passed EN71, CE, EMC and other certifications.

(2) About our transaction method: We can also accept payment through T/T, PayPal, L/C and other payment methods.

(3) About our product transportation/Shipping: We utilize shipping such as EXW, FOB Shenzhen, air transportation pf our products (DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc.) and land delivery as well.

(4) About our delivery date: the products in stock are usually delivered within 7 days. OEM & ODM products are usually delivered within 30-45 days of receipt of the production deposit.

(5) About our warranty: Our warranties range from six months to one year. If there is any quality problem with the product during this period, we will provide repair or replacement to ensure your satisfaction.


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